December 31

It's Make Up Your Mind Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • For many of us, the reason for inaction or paralysis is the inability to decide. Blog about why people should make up your mind already and go for it.
  • Resolutions are fine and dandy but maybe we should throw out resolutions in favor of making up our mind to do something. Blog about that. Is there a difference? Why and why not?

Today is also no interruptions day so maybe it is a good thing to celebrate both. No interruptions while you make up your mind what to do with your life, career or business in 2013.

December 30

It's Bacon Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • You may not be a fan of bacon for the fat content but it could be used as an way to start talking about proteins.
  • Is this holiday for real? Write about the holiday itself
  • Have you seen the many creative ways people have used bacon? Make a list of great ideas with bacon.

December 29

It's Tick Tock Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • Two days left to the year. Are you feeling the pressure yet? Blog about the pros and cons of having your back to the wall. Do you operate better that way or does it drive you nuts?
  • Tick tock – are you still trying to cram things into this year or are you done and looking forward to the new year? List your wins and losses of the year and what you plan to do about them.
  • Time waits for no man. Many have not achieved all they set out to do this year, aren't even close or gave up way back in January, blog about the ways people can break things down so they aren't necessarily waiting until year end to reflect on unmet goals and feel like they've accomplished anything. Write also about keeping a journal so they can look back at the accomplishments that are so easily forgotten when we focus on what we haven't done.

December 28

It's Card Playing Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • List some simple card games that are great for the entire family.
  • So many games are played on electronic devices these days but nothing beats the real thing. Cards are portable, much more affordable and rather universal too. Research card games from around the world and teach them to your readers.
  • Playing cards were thought to be invented in China. Use this to write about other inventions that originated from there.

December 27

It's Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • Since this is often a time spent with family, what better way than to make cut out snowflakes? List several patterns from simple to complex and show people how to preserve it.

December 26

It's Thank-you Note Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • We often hear thank you notes are a dying practice. Write about how you are keeping this worthy custom
  • Creative ideas for DIY thank you cards
  • Why it is equally important, perhaps more so to thank people at work or in your business.

December 25

It's Christmas Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • What are your family's Christmas traditions? Do you follow them? Why or why not? Do you make your own?
  • Traditions are often thought of as things we do as a family but you can have personal traditions too. Once I heard a business woman say she reads the book Think and Grow Rich every year between Christmas and New Years'. What do you do during this time when we often have a long stretch of time off.

December 24

It's Egg Nog Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • Share a recipe for home made egg nog
  • Where or how did the egg nog come about?
  • Is egg nog safe to drink? after all graditionally it is made from raw eggs.

December 23

It's Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • Give readers a quick list of items to run through for toy safety. Particularly handy for those last minute shoppers.
  • Bought a gift that is not exactly safe? What can people do now at this late date?

December 22

It's Gluten Free Baking Week

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • Baking is such a huge thing during the holidays but traditional recipes aren't always allergy friendly. Write about why it's a good idea to include some types of baked goods like gluten free items. Share a little about why even people without allergies can benefit from gluten free food.
  • Does it seem like there are more people allergic to food these days or is it simply the fact we are more connected now so we hear about it more? Use this as a springboard to talk about our connected-ness and how it can make things seem larger or more predominant than they actually were in the past.