December 21

It's Crossword Puzzle Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • Look up Wikipedia or Google for the story of crossword puzzles in World War II. See if you can use the story as a learning example for your readers.
  • Generate some fun crossword puzzles for your readers and hold a small contest around it.
  • Though originally invented as a pasttime, crossword puzzles aren't exactly mindless games as they require thought. Like the mental exercise games popular today. Write about why it is important to exercise your brain and what kind of resources, puzzles and games your readers can use.

December 20

It's Go Caroling Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • Caroling is not as popular as before which is a shame. Write about dying traditions, should you revive it and how to take action this season and have some fun too.
  • Ever hear people say Christmas songs set their mood and makes them feel happy? Write about how song and singing affect our moods.

December 19

It's Look For An Evergreen Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • Homeschooler and family bloggers, this is a great day to learn what makes the evergreen tree evergreen. What types of evergreen trees are there and how did it become the Christmas tree?
  • It may not be a tall and large tree but evergreens can weather some bad storms and hurricanes. Write about how we don't always have to be tall and strong to weather tough times or challenges life/career/business throws our way.
  • Put together examples of creative decorating with evergreens.

December 18

Bake Cookies Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • Baking cookies around holidays aren't only an American tradition. In many cultures, cookie baking is a big thing around significant holidays. Talk about how this can be. How the human race have so many threads in common even when we don't think so.
  • Are there such things as healthy cookies? Write about alternative ingredients and throw in some recipes or a link to a cookbook.
  • Strange ingredients in cookies? In the attempt to get husbands and children to eat more vegetables, some women have resorted to sneaking vegetables in cookies. Is this something you would do? Is it good or dishonest? Why and why not?

December 17

It's Wright Brothers' Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • It took the Wright brothers many failures before their designs took flight and even that, the flight wasn't very high nor for very long. Talk about the importance of persistence and celebrating small victories.
  • Write about how flight has changed our world, the joys of travel and how that can broaden our horizons be it food, business, career, health and parenting.

December 16

It's National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • This is such a great day for foodie bloggers to celebrate. Talk about the various ways you can cover something with chocolate. Chocolate fondue, sprinkles, crushed or cocoa power covered.
  • Almost every holiday, you'll find various types of chocolate gifts. Is giving chocolate OK socially? When is it not OK?
  • There are many types of chocolates from very premium confections to cheap dollar store candy. Use this to talk about branding and expections.

December 15

It's Cat Herder's Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • Really? Really! Use this crazy day as a lead-in to talk about something outrageous, unbelieveable but true. Show how it is relevant to your readers.
  • Why does being sympathetic to cats suddenly make one the ‘crazy cat lady'? Use this to start a post about the social stigmas in your niche.
  • Can cats even be herded? Most will say this is an impossible task. Write about what people commonly do in the your niche that is rather impossible and talk about what they should be spending their time on instead.

December 14

It's Monkey Day

Some blogging angles you can use today

  • Finally a day you can monkey around and not get in trouble? Sometimes we all need to lighten up. Talk about this and why it is healthy.
  • If it suits you blog theme, talk about usage of primates in research and animal rights.
  • Research videos and interesting facts about primate behavior, relate it to your topic. End with a moral of the story.

December 13

It's Awareness Month of Awareness Months Month

That was a mouthful! Some blogging angles you can use today are:

  • List of funny, weird celebration and holidays this and upcoming months your readers might find fun to celebrate
  • How you are using months, events and observances to create content, reach new people, generate blog traffic
  • How to plan promotions or activities around a certain event that has meaning to you to enrich your life

December 12

It's Poinsettia Day

Some blogging angles you can use today are:

  • Legends and and history of poinsettias
  • Urban legend about Poinsettia's toxicity. How urban legends form and why things/people are survive and are still popular despite misinformation
  • Updated decorating tips and techniques using this old favorite