Switch To WordPress

Blogging on your own self hosted WordPress powered blog puts you in control. If you're using Blogger or some other free blog provider, think about making the switch. Hint: Advertisers and Sponsors take you more seriously!

Try Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a natural profit point for your blog. Make relevant recommendations for books, products and services that your readers will be glad to learn about.

Format Your Posts

Learn how to make good use of your blog post formatting tools. Keep paragraphs short and use sub headings to break up your content into idea segments. This makes it easier to read.

Know Your Numbers

If you don't already have Google Analytics set up, do it now. You need to know where your traffic is coming from and what content is most popular so you can create more like it.

Consider Your Audience

This Blog Energizer app gives you lots of topic ideas for your blog. As you read them, think about how that idea will appeal to your target market. Not all will and that's ok!

All About You

Your ‘About' page lets your readers gain some perspective about you and your topics. Include links to your favorite posts to guide them to what you're most proud of.

Using Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for increasing your exposure. Find and follow at least 100 new people every week. A lot of them will follow you back. Tweet your blog posts and be sure to interact with your followers.

Showcase Your Posts On Facebook

Set up a Facebook Page to showcase your blogging. Find and like other Facebook Pages while signed in as your Page admin and some will like you back. Interact daily to attract more visitors.

Where Are Your Icons ?

Show your social media icons above the fold on your blog so people can find and follow you.

Do A Topic Brainstorm

Brainstorm at least 50 blog topics. Think about WHO you’re writing for and WHAT you hope to accomplish. Think about the questions they might ask and how to answer them. Don’t be too critical about the ideas. Just spill them out on the paper and judge them later.