We've personally done well with this affiliate program. EasyPLR is just that easy to sell and they have great quality articles on a wide variety of topics too. We love the fact that there are no commitments like monthly recurring costs. And also, they are well written so you can load them on your blog without feeling guilty. You can read more about their product here.

To join their affiliate program, click here.

Dine Without Whine Affiliate Program

Dine Without Whine is a menu planning service for busy families. Every week, they send their members a menu complete with shopping list so all they have to do is shop and cook. No more “Whats for dinner tonight” horrors. Dine Without Whine pays 40% recurring.

Read up about the product here.

Sign up for affiliate program here.

Menu Planning Central Affiliate Program

Menu Planning Central is a menu planning product that is delivered monthly. You earn $20 per sale (non recurring). What I like about this affiliate program is they have lots of freebies you can ‘brand' and give away. This means they write the report or mini-ebook and you insert your affiliate links into the report. When people buy, you earn. Not bad for giving away something free huh?

Rebrandable freebies:

Where to sign up: http://www.menuplanningcentral.com/affiliates.html


  1. Download the freebie that you'd like to re-brand from the list above.
  2. Click here to download the branding software.  If the security settings on your computer ask if you want to run the .exe file, say “yes.” (A small application will open called ViralPDF Rebrander. In that window, it says “Drag'n'Drop your brandable PDF file into this window.”
  3. Then, drag and drop that pdf file from your computer into the ViralPDF application. (For some reason, the application doesn't always recognize the pdf unless it is first saved to your computer.)
  4. At this point, you will be asked to enter your affiliate link(s).
  5. mpcAffiliateLink –> Enter your entire affiliate link (except for the http:// part)
  6. Click the “Brand!” button.
  7. A pop-up will say “Remember to Save Your Changes!” Click “ok” on that window.
  8. To save, click the Disk icon on the application (or choose “File” and then “Save” from the menu options). Save the file on your computer. That file will be the version you promote (and earn passive profits with).
  9. Please check the branded pdf to make sure everything branded correctly. Just open that pdf and mouse-over the links inside. Also, click on one or two of the links inside to ensure everything is working as it should be.

For questions about this affiliate program, contact our Nicole Dean at nicole { @ } menuplanningcentral.com with your affiliate IDs.