Neti Pots and Monsters

Hi folks, we've been making our rounds around the web again, checking out what's new. Some pretty interesting stuff have surfaced/re-surfaced. The following topics have registered a high volume of searches.

  • Neti Pots
  • Free Weight Loss Plans – oh we can just see what a good topic this would be for a health blog or anyone in the health industry if you can create a freebie around that would be a timely giveaway.
  • Professional Development – it is a known fact that more people go back to school or seek our learning programs to improve, add or advance a skill when they are laid off. Good topic for career and even small business blogs.
  • Montauk Monster returns. If you don't know what it is, see this story.

Big Screen Kindle This Week?

Yes, according to the New York Times. This has certainly set many bloggers' tongue awagging. Put your two cents in. Will you or won't you buy it? Amazon is supposed to hold a press conference on Wednesday and maybe reveal the Big Screen Kindle.


Why's everyone blogging about Kryptos and what is it anyway? Kryptos is a 20 year old sculpture that sites in the courtyard of the CIA HQ. Wired published a story on it recently which was great reading by the way and now the Internet is ablaze with posts about the code that the CIA can't crack. Write about your thoughts about the calendestine, cryptography, fun and simply cryptograph projects with the kids or family. Or dive into more serious issues about secrecy.

Hot Topics Week 18, 2009

Without a doubt, the Swine Flu is on everyone's lips around the world. Write about the symptoms, how to take care and protect yourself. A twist to this is also to blog about what are the hoaxes and myths related to the Swine Flu.

Mother's Day is May 10th. This is the time to get prepared for what you will do/write about on that day itself. But don't just think May 10th. This is a traditionally a good time to write posts with affiliate links to the perfect Mothers' Day gifts and promote them from now through May 10th.

Verizon's iPhone – Apple signed an exclusive contract with AT&T for the iPhone but that will expire in 2010 and this week there's a lot of rumors about the Verizon iPhone. Will you get one? Why and why not? In case you didn't know, even if it is true, you can't just use an existing iPhone on the Verizon network because AT&T and Verizon work on different technological backbones so if you like iPhone and hate AT&T and want to switch to Verizon, that likely means buying a new iPhone – hmmmm… write about your thoughts about that. Source:

Craigslist murder – a dark topic, but a good time to blog and reflect about our safety online. As bloggers we are putting ourselves out there. Once something is published, there's no taking back and deleting a post may not work either. Do you draw a line? Yet at the same time, you want to be approachable enough to your readers so people can trust and follow you. Write about how you handle that.

And The World's Most Influential Person Is… Moot? Who? Well we just found out he's the owner of a web site called and he's received so many votes on's Most Influential Person Vote. Can this be  manipulated or has the Internet totally changed the whos' who of the world?

Buzz Topics, Week 17, 2009

So many observances going on this week, plenty of stuff to blog about and even promotions to work around. Remember to submit your promo if you're doing one and if you aren't, what are you waiting for?

Administrative Professionals Week / Day – If you want to celebrate the week, it's this week- the last full week of April and Administrative Professionals' Day is April 22nd. If you have assistants you work with thank them! If you have a product they could/might use, promote it as a good gift item. If you don't have any of the above, write about one administrative professional who has made your work easy for you.

Earth Day is this week, same day, April 22nd. Maybe you can merge those two together and say you are giving earth friendly gifts or find earth friendly gifts that would make any Admin Professional's day. What a great way to slip in your affiliate URL for these products. Write also about what you are doing in your daily life to be more green.

Today the Boston Marathon is run – have you ever ran a marathon? Do you want to? If yes or no, why? Take a look at the Boston Marathon web site, check out the people who are running. Does anyone inspire you? One of the hottest news about the Boston Marathon this year is an app developer is going to run as a giant iPhone. That's an interesting way to capitalize on someone else'e event and get yourself some publicity. Write about that. Links:

Has Twitter Made It Big Time? Last week, everyone was all over the Ashton Kutcher – Larry King challenge to get a million followers. Of course Ashton won. We even saw bill boards to follow him apparently a donation by Lamar – the outdoor media company. So what does this say about Twitter? Has is grown up? Write a little post analysis about this.

Stephen Hawking – the brilliant scientist is reported to be hospitalized and very ill. This man never fails to amaze us. Despite his disabilities he's achieved a lot. What about this life can you find encouragement from? Here's a story about him on Reuters you may want to use as a basis.

Hot Topics, Week 16, 2009

Provenge prostate cancer data – this is getting a lot of interest. Dendreon Corp, the biotech company holds a conference call with investors today (Tuesday, April 14th) to discuss results of their study on treatment of Prostate Cancer. The company hopes to have their drugs approved by the FDA but FDA has so far declined.

Airplane passenger saves the day – we could use more positive things to talk about these days. Well this is one. A passenger with help of air traffic control, landed a small plane safely after the pilot died from a heart attack after take off. There's a story we could tell here. It's a testament to the passenger's cool and willingness to step up to the plate. Great topic for business blogs. In a life and death situation, it's hard not to do anything but on the other hand, some people are paralyzed by fear when others need them most. Which are you? Write about it and invite your readers to share their experiences or write about inspiring leaders who did the right thing in tough times.

Conficker virus morphing – This is a computer worm which was highly publicized prior to April 1st because it was believed the worm would cripple many computers around the world. Well the day went by pretty quietly. Now experts say the worm is morphing and masquerading as an antivirus program called Spyware Protect 2009. Worse, this is not just a virus. They claim it will be used to dupe you into giving them your credit card number. Spread the news to help your readers protect their information and computers.

Taxes – it's crunch time for tax payers in the U.S. Here are some last minute topics you can cover. How to file an extension, software they can use and what to do if they cannot pay.

It's a small world after all – and Disney knew what they were talking about. This poster is getting alot of Diggs. Makes for interesting blog conversation. The poster shows how large – or small if you prefer – Earth is, compared to the planets in our solar system and beyond. Really puts things into perspective. We think it can be applied to life challenges too. Sometimes we feel we are so stuck and our problems are tremendously large but if we take time to put things into perspective, they aren't as big as we imagine and can be overcome.

Twitter – made it into the top 20 search terms on Yahoo! We all know how awesome Twitter is. Maybe because NYT did a piece on it this week and outlined the real value of Twitter. So why not give a short how to and what to do's about Twitter for your audiences? Don't forget to Tweet the post and invite people to follow you. And incidentally, are you following Lynette? 🙂

That's why mama says don't judge a book by its cover – Susan Boyle totally floored everyone during Britain's Got Talent (like American Idol) everyone was laughing at her but look who's laughing now. Fabulous and moving video to boot that you can share with your readers. Parent bloggers, this is a good way to bring up the ways parents can talk to kids about judging others too. Susan Boyle Sings on Britain's Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 @ Yahoo! Video

Earth Day – is next week, 22nd of April. Good time to think up of a whopper of a post for the day. Some ideas – make lists, focused lists about what people can do in their homes and everyday lives. How small changes make big differences. Or, how about a count down to Earth day with one tip/idea/challenge a day.

Buzz Topics, Week 15, 2009

Italy Earthquake Leaves 50 Dead – so very sad.  A sobering topic and while we don't normally pick up topics like that we are constantly being reminded how fragile life really is. Do you live in an earthquake zone? Or a zone prone to any other natural disasters? Talk about how you prepare for them.

Depression or? – over the weekend, there has been some disturbing mass shootings, including one where a man held up a convenience store with his young daughter by his side. Most of the gunmen have reportedly lost their jobs lately and unable to cope with that and the very real need to take care of their families. Write about what can be done or what should one do while they still have a job to prepare for the chance they do get laid off – great topic if you write about finance a lot or are a finance expert. You can also engage in discussion with your readers. Why do they think this is happening? Is it lack of family support or spiritual grounding? Can turn out to be an explosive discussion.

Cybersecurity Act – this sounds like some really scary stuff especially for us here at Blog Energizer who live and breathe the Internet. This act introduced into the U.S. Senate allows the President to shut down any private Internet network. It also allows the government to demand security data without provision of law. You can read about the story over at eWeek. So what do you think? On one hand it is true that as people depend on the Internet more, the threat to any nation coming from the Internet is pretty big. Yet… what about law abiding netizens like you and I? Write about it.

Coupon fever – coupons are hip again. Since the economic down turn the media at all levels have been talking a lot about using them, featuring couponers and so on over the past week, there seems to be a spike in the search for “” and “Smartsource coupons”. For those abroad, these are major coupon sources that are delivered through the Sunday newspaper. What coupon sources do you have in your local area? Do you know of online retailers offering coupons? Write about them. We've also made it easy for you, check out our Coupons and discounts. You can also blog about your own coupon strategy or offer a coupon yourself if you're in business.

Spring! – for some of us, the weather is getting warmer and for those who aren't cabin fever is certainly in the air. We're craving to get outdoors, spring clean and do a bunch of fun stuff. At BlogEnergizer headquarters, the pollen has been thick. So, what's on everyone's minds? Bicycles, house cleaners and allergy relief. Write about the brand names and alternatives too. Brand names usually get a bit of attention when people view search results, it's a good way to stick in an affiliate link. Also, take time weave in your expertise or relate the topic to your niche.

Easter – still time for a quick Easter promo, people still talking about them and planning around Easter. So get that Easter related promo and blog post out there.

Buzz Topics, Week 14, 2009

Great (new) kitchen gadgets – During the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago last week, companies unveiled some pretty neat kitchen gadgets. featured a top 10 list of the gadgets. We heard that story was pretty popular. If this topic fits your blog, look through these top 10 gadgets, write about each of them and tell your readers why/how you think it'll help you or only be yet another piece of kitchen counter decoration.

Severe weather – one of the hottest stories over the week and continues into this week in the U.S. is the flood in North Dakota. Thankfully things are looking better today as far as water levels go but more inclement weather is in the forecast. This is a good time to build a disaster preparation and disaster recovery plan. Be it for the home, personal situation or business. We all need to prepare for unexpected surprises. You can't negotiate with Mother Nature unfortunately and these disasters strike everyone all around the world.

Skype in your pocket – well, it's official. Skype is releasing an app for iPhone. This news is pretty hot if your market is interested in gadgets and tech. Here are two stories you can use to get more info about the release set to be on Tuesday this week.

Bizarre, funny or downright improper search results – We've been noticing something about the stuff that people like to bookmark. It seems that search results that are just bizarre, funny or totally irrelevant gets a whole lot of attention. This could make some fabulous traffic pulling, comment generating post if you can find some weird search results from anywhere. Doesn't have to be just on search engines. Problem is, they aren't all that easy to come across so when you search for something next time and get results you didn't expect, get a screen shot. To help you kick it off, we found one that is pretty controversial especially if you are parents or just think this sort of stuff is not so pleasant. Warning! Adults only. Ready?

Go to and search for “girl scout cookies” Oh my!

Easter – well, it's around the corner and seems like it's on quite a few people's minds, search and chatter volume is up about this day. In case you didn't know, Easter is April 12th. Might be a good time to write or start planning a post that's timely for Easter, create Easter related freebie give aways or contests.

Conficker virus – what is it? Well apparently this virus is set to deliver its payload on April 1st. Getting quite a bit of attention, but some are saying it's hype. If you plan on blogging about check out these two resources about it and share with your readers.

Buzz Topics, Week 13, 2009

Miley & Mandy Show – If you have a blog for young audiences or parent blog, this might be something to keep an eye on. The Miley & Mandy show on Youtube hit the charts. This is a YouTube channel created by Miley Cyrus and her dancer Mandy. It all began when Mandy was teaching Miley some dance steps and they began recording them to they could watch it again. They put it up on YouTube and the rest is history. You can check out the history on their channel too.

Volcano – that seems to be on many Internet searcher's mind this week. First, there was the eruption in Tonga that completely destroyed an island and then Alaska's Mt Redoubt erupts five times. Volcanos are kinda mysterious and dangerous too. We think this topic can be re-hashed in several angles from health to business.

Missing Money? – Since it appeared on the Early Show Monday, sparked a big search spike. Is it any wonder people are trying to find money wherever they can in these times? So if you covered anything around finding missing money that would peak attention but what else? Write about how else people can find ‘missing money'. Maybe actually keeping a change jar, looking out for coupons and rebates or paying attention to whether the family sized packs in really do cost more or less than regular sized packs at the grocer. You may be very surprised at the results.

Salesforce Adds Twitter – Salesforce is a customer relationship management software for businesses. It recently added Twitter into their software to help customer service agents. This is a pretty big testament to how social networks and conversations are changing the way business is conducted. Do you use Twitter? Write about how exactly has Twitter helped your business? Here's a great example of a business who smartly used Twitter to boost its food sales. Kogi is a food truck that tweets its location and people actually drive out there, stand in line to purchase the food.

Amazon to sell HD movies – hot on the heels of iTunes who started offering HD movie and TV purchases and rentals, Amazon apparently released links to purchase HD shows for $2.99 as well. Will you buy HD movies from either company? Why or Why not? What about your readers? Do they prefer to spend money on a Blu-ray player or are DVD's still the standard? Does it even matter?

7 Most Effective ExcercisesThis is a slideshow of the 7 classic excercises that work. It's been highly commented and passed on. If you're inclined, how about trying them for a period of time, blogging about it and sharing your results? Are you a fitness pro? Great tell us why these work and how you incorporate these into your work out?

Buzz Topics, Week 12, 2009

Hey it's St. Patrick's Day tomorrow – this is a topic you can have lots of fun with. Here's some ideas to help you figure out where to start. Crafts for kid and parenting blogs, traditional Irish recipes including Irish coffee for foodies, Irish fashion for style and lifestyle blogs.

Funny photos taken at unusual angles – do you remember those pictures you took where you have someone standing on the palm of another's hands or pictures that turned out with an unexpected twist? Well this is a great collection of those photos and they are very popular this week. Be warned some of those images are for mature audiences 😉 Guaranteed to crack you and your readers but. But here's an idea. Create your own. How about funny food photos, unexpected photos taken at a business conference, fun photos of work out attire/ gadgets throughout the years – bet that would be a hoot.

Ron Silver – in the entertainment arena, actor and activist Ron Silver passed on at the age of 62 from esophageal cancer. This is certainly sobering news. For health bloggers, you could write a little more about the disease because it seems searches for esophageal cancer has also increased. For more information and research about Silver and his work, check out Wikipedia.

Free Napkin – this site shot into popularity over the weekend. It's like an eBay site for free stuff. The site seems to be down a lot of us so it's probably struggling to deal with the traffic. But if you can get on there to check out, might be a good one to pass on to your readers.

Old Age Begins at 27 ? – Oh dear, no wonder we here at BlogEnergizer keep forgetting where we put our keys but hey we can definitely keep your blog flowing with tons of topic ideas 🙂 This seems like a good debate topic don't you think? One of the comments in the article at the UK's DailyMail said, maybe this is caused by lack of stimulation/learning because that seems to be around the age when people leave college. Great point. What do you think?

The New Lists – You know in the recent past most big bloggers will tell you create lists they get you traffic. Then people started writing about how much they hate lists. You'd think that lists are getting really dry right? But nooo…. At Blog Energizer, week after week when we do these hot topic researches we still see a lot of lists but what lists? It seems to us that popular lists these days have turned into lists of other people's content. Check out the following lists they are all a list of great articles, tips, videos, audios, freebies that other people created and they are getting Digged, bookmarked and shared like crazy. What lists of other people's content can you make? Throw in your own stuff in one or two items of those lists OR from an affiliate program you are part of.

Spring Fever & Act Happy Week – so it is this week. Blog about what you're looking forward to as spring rolls around this week and what you have to be happy about. There's always something to be happy and thankful for.  Check out Happy News if you really can't think of anything.