Buzz Topics Week 11, 2009

Short but important announcement: I just wanted to let you know that the entire BlogEnergizer web site is set to “Do not index”. What does this mean to you? Well, some of you may be concerned that if you submit your offers, promotions etc out there that your plans will be out there for all to see. A very genuine concern because sometimes you just don't want the world to know your marketing and promotion plans. Do not index tells search engines that the site should not be crawled and its results not to be included in search engine results, but humans can. If you want to take it a step further and only want your announcements to be available via email, as premium members we can do that for you too. Simply submit your promotion as normal and put a note in there that this is for email only, do not publish to the site. We will take your information and include it in our email mailings and delete the post.

Read an ebook week – Did you know this is official Read An Ebook Week? Here's what you can do during all this week.

  • Review one ebook you've read each day – complete with affiliate links of course
  • If you are an author or publisher with several ebooks under your wing, offer a few of  your books up for grabs this week. You can limit it by hour or limit it by number. Oh yea and if you give out any ebooks submit it to our bloggers.
  • Talk about different ways to publish or read ebooks and if there's any affiliate links to be added (like the Kindle) put it up.
  • Write about how anyone can earn extra money by publishing their own ebooks, what you need to do and how. This could be a great series for the week.
  • Just love to read? Share places where your readers can download great ebooks this week alone. Here's a list of publishers and authors giving out free ebooks just for this week.

Spring break – students all over North America are going on break from school. Vacation spots are truning up in searches. Blog about where you would go. If you have a family, write about good family vacation spots. You could also blog about fun activities families can do together without going anywhere or release a spring break activity guide that you can give away to other bloggers and promote your blog. With everyone tightening their belts, blog about ways to take the mini-vacations or vacation spots that don't cost that much.

fun at workWho says work has to be boring? This picture seems to be getting a lot of attention. Not sure the story behind the picture or if the picture is real or photoshopped. Either way, it would make a nice light hearted post that we all could use a little fun in our lives. If it is real, these guys are still doing their jobs but making it fun. How can you do the same or teach your children to see the fun side of work?

Wolfram Alpha – funky name what is it? It's a long story and honestly kinda technical that took us a bit of reading to grasp but we found a great article that clearly and simply defines what it is. In a nutshell, it's technology that actually computes answers for you when you ask it. Like a search engine? No. Search engines only finds you stuff that's related to the keyword that you type in but apparently Wolfram Alpha can ‘think' and answer the question for you. Very Sci-Fi-ish but the topic is totally hot. Since it's very geeky it may be hard for just any blog to expand on this topic but you can always speculate 🙂 Will it replace humans? Will this end Google?

Barbie (the doll) – love her, hate her. She turns 50 this week and people are talking about her. Write about what you love/hate about her and in business, talk about the successes of Barbie and how she never seems to die despite her controversial figure. How do you weather controversy in a business or for your own blog for that matter? Or go for fun facts – did you know Mattel estimates that 3 Barbies are being sold every minute? Here's a list of fun facts about Barbie oh and if you write about something like that remember this topic, once in the search engines could bring back traffic every year at Barbie's birthday. So don't forget your affiliate links.

Buzz Topics, Week 10, 2009

Controversial Auction – This story made a few headlines on several news sites across the globe. A Chinese man refused to pay for artefacts owned by Yves St. Laurent because the artefacts were looted from a palace in Beijing back in 1860 wow, talk about a long time ago. Sadly, there are many artefacts that are displaced, displayed in Museums thousands of miles away from their native land with no plan ever to be returned to the country they originate from. One such example is Nefertiti's bust. Blog about what you think should be done with relics and artefacts unearthed by archaeologists in the past and spoils of war. Who do these treasures belong to?

Where's My Check? Interesting, we have noticed that “2009 Stimulus Check” has come up as a hot search. Looks like people are wondering where's their share of the recovery plan. So much to blog about here of course, you can write about your views on this. What you'd do with the check or ask your readers, what they think and how they will use this if its given.

Most Bookmarked – The following are topics that were bookmarked enough to make it into the top 10 or so bookmarked stories on the web. You can blog about these stories or start your own story based on these topics with your own twist to it.

  • 11 Non-traditional ways to use WordPress – are you using WordPress in any of these ways? How has it changed the way you publish your content and why WordPress? By the way, I also recently authored a report that outlines 40 ways you can use WordPress and many of them for profit. The report comes in this month's Sweetie Saturday Report Club. If you're not a member, consider joining for reports that will help you take your business further. If you are a member well, Sweetie Saturday Report Club has an affiliate program so if you're blogging about this topic, your affiliate link would be a perfect compliment to your post.
  • 6 Ways To Publish Your Own Book – a lot of people would love to have their name on a book and it's so much easier now. You could blog about ways to find things to write about, how to finish the book – too many books are started and never finished and other fun reasons why people should publish their own books. Maybe as a gift for their own family, a legacy for their children and so on. Make sure to include affiliate links to these on-demand publisher sites.

Dr. Suess' Birthday – So this week is Dr. Suess' birthday and the searches for anything around Dr. Seuss is skyrocketing. Schools are celebrating, home schoolers are looking for printables and activities and of course books. Great topic for any parenting or education blog and a wonderful opportunity for affiliate linking.

This month is Women's History Month – Let's see… how about dedicating one day of each week this month to talk about women's role in history, who the women you admire are and why, who are the women in your lives whom you want to feature – great way to feature a fellow blogger and cross promote or even your blog commenters, what you look forward to for the daughters of the world.

Airline Wants You To Pay For Using The Bathroom – First, no food, then paying for comforts like pillows and blankets, we kinda knew this was coming. Apparently a small budget Irish carrier wants to do just that – coin operated lavatories in the air. We think this is a good post particularly for business related blogs. Is this the right approach to boost profitability in your business? Brainstorm ways that would work better.

Buzz Topics Week 9, 2009

Did you know, that this week is America Saves Week ( America Saves is a nationwide campaign in which a broad coalition of nonprofit, corporate, and government groups helps individuals and families save and build wealth. You can point them to the site to learn more, share saving strategies at home, school, work and business or even issue a challenge to your readers.

Oscars – that was last night but chatter around it is still hot. Here's a news story about who won what. If you've watched any of the movies, is there anything that resonated with you that you'd like to talk about with your readers? Decorating blogs could talk about how to re-create the look in a particular film, Coaches could talk about how the character overcame difficult issues and what else they could/should have done. Don't forget to slide in that ever important affiliate link to the DVD or any memorabilia that you may mention.

Engine 2 Diet – This seems to be gaining some attention after it was featured on the Today show this morning. The Engine 2 Diet is a 100% vegetarian diet created by a fireman. Good publicity or does it really work? Here's coverage about it to learn more about the product/program.

Fat Tuesday? We're seeing a lot of searches for this term but why? Because it's Mardi Gras which is “officially” February 24th. Anyhow, Fat Tuesday makes a nice factoid post, head to Wikipedia to find out how Mardi Gras got it's name and why. Or, share your story if you've ever been to a Mardi Gras celebration. Family or foodie blogs, how about some posts to cook up your own Mardi Gras?

Is Google Too Big? Following last week's uproar over Facebook's terms of use, this really makes you hesitate. Whenever a company grows to the point where it has a large share of the market (like Google), the love starts to dim and sometimes people fall out of love with them altogether. Especially when there's so much information Google can collect and does know about you. This news story at the New York Times has been widely shared and read. It outlines some of the reasons why people feel the way they do about Google. What about you? Love them or hate them? Do you ever feel Google is ‘creepy'? Or has it never bothered you and why?

Addicted to Text – this is a good post for parent bloggers. 6,473 Texts A Month, But At What Costs, a popular story that appeared on talks about how texting is getting some parents concerned, about the cost (naturally) and also some experts are saying spelling and writing are suffering. As it that's not enough, they say kids aren't focused and aren't 100% attentive when they should be since they are in several conversations at a time. What do you think? Get your readers involved, ask them to share their thoughts and how they limit text usage of find other ways to spend 100% family time.

Buzz Topic Week 8, 2009

Remember the 56 year old woman who “Swam the ocean” we talked about last week. Seems there's some controversy over whether she did actually swim it or not. Hmmm we think it makes for a good followup post and some side topics that spring from this – are we too quick to award and then rebuke? Are journalists slacking or people just getting better at deception?

Facebook terms – Facebook has released new terms of use that says everything you put up on Facebook is forever and irrevocably licensed to them. We at BlogEnergizer aren't very good at legalese. But this story has been highly bookmarked and passed around. We also believe that makes a good post about what we put up on the Internet, how much we put up and how much trust should we assign any service.

Google fails too you know – This is a good topic for those of you who blog about small business or even life challenges in general. Google is reported to be dropping several of their projects. With the economy in dire straits, they are paying more attention to every project's profitability and every business (or blog) should do that every once in a while. Also, it shows it's OK to make mistakes, everyone does even big companies like Google. Ask where you're headed, how you're doing, should you continue on this road or should you move on? Write about all that.

Hysterical after missing flight – It is crazy how something like this makes the top buzz. A woman who missed her flight threw a temper tantrum and the video became a hit on YouTube and thanks fo the attention it has been given including main stream media it made it into our buzz stream. Gives the term “You never know who's watching” a new term doesn't it? So yes we know that video cameras are everywhere it's been that way for a long long time. But with them getting smaller and smaller in almost every one's hand. Who knows if we'll be the next YouTube star and not in a good way either *Yikes!*. What you can blog about:

  • There's no privacy in public places
  • Best behavior isn't good enough anymore we should be in perfect behavior
  • News travel way too fast
  • How to handle stressful situations
  • How to handle stressed out customers

Buzz Topics, Week 7 2009

Wow, today alone searches for “Americans for prosperity“, “no stimulus” and “no stimulus petition” went through the roof. As the searches indicate it is a petition to send a message to the government U.S. citizens want a different type of economic recovery plan than what's been put out. The main sites for this peition are at and both of which are down from the traffic load. Yet another good post to make about web site traffic and web site load. Of course, if you support this you may want to share your thoughts with your readers. If you're in business and up to it, try digging up some info on how much/how little is in the package that will affect small businesses.

Story from WSJ online about this can be found here.

In tech, Amazon has released Kindle 2 for pre-order. Quite a bit of talk and searches for this one. You can find out the key features, benefits and pricing from PCMagazine and Engadget. And Kindle 2 videos you can utilize for your blog here.

Westminster Kennel Club – another hot search as the dog show is runs today and tomorrow. Good blogging for canine bloggers even if you aren't, why not bring up your own pet? Share their hilarious moments, gidgets and gadgets with your readers and remember those affiliate links when you're talking about those.

Grammys – that was last weekend. Talk about it naturally flows into this week. Surely there are some good Youtube videos from that you can put up. Also, if you blog about fashion how about a “dress like the stars for less” post? Find similar style clothing (at your favorite affiliated clothing store of course) and show your readers how they too can look good without the big price tag.

Hidden Disneyland Secrets – this key phrase popped into our radar. While it's not as widely discussed as the stimilus plan, Kindle, Grammy's or Westminister's Kennel Club, there's still a nice spike in traffic. At this point we are unsure if this is a book launch or a result of a TV show or some other publicity but we think it makes a great blog post regardless. Great for parent blogs. We also found a book on Amazon that would go along nicely with this post, “Hidden Mickeys, 3rd Edition: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World's Best-Kept Secrets (Disneyland's Hidden Mickey's)“.

First Woman To Swim Atlantic – is 56! Wow. This is great news of women and also a wonderful ‘factoid' post. Put your mind to it. Neither age, time or sex should be a barrier to your dreams. News story here.

Eight o' Clock Coffee – we wondered why this relatively affordable coffee brand showed up on the hot searches radar. Apparently it's because Consumer Reports reported the 100% Columbian roast from Eight o'Clock Coffee is the best tasting, beating Starbucks, Folgers and Maxwell House. Things don't seem too rosy for Starbucks which has laid off many workers and closed a lot of cafes recently. For consumer blogs – Eight o'Clock Coffee is running a sweepstakes right now. Enter for a chance at $5000 free groceries or 150 prizes. If you blog for business, what would you do if an independent organization says your product is “not as good” as the competitors based on a test? Or what should a small business do if they've been found to be a better product than bigger brand names? How do you capitalize on that? Why not bring a publicity expert in to chat about this in a podcast or guest blog post?

Hot Topics, Week 6, 2009

It's February! What will you be blogging about this month? Don't forget to check out the monthly downloads for this month's topic starters. Now for the hot and highly searched topics of this week.

Denny's is giving away a free breakfast all across the U.S. if you did not already know. Google trends tells us the search volume for “Denny's Free Grand Slam” and its variants reached volcanic levels. Besides sharing the deal, here's what else you can write about.

  • Preparing your sites for major traffic. Apprently, was down for many people.
  • Are super expensive commercials worth it?
  • What other ways can you promote your blog without super bowl sized budgets?

Facebook to make money from your info? This article appeared yesterday and has already gained a lot of Diggs. According to the Telegraph, Facebook has been quietly testing ‘Engagement Ads' and are hoping to release them in Spring. Basically, they will show you ads based on your profile and answers you supply to questions in your profile. For maketers, this may mean laser targetting users which of course makes ads more relevant and that's what most people want right? Right? But… what do you think? Would you be happy or angry about this? Would your readers welcome more relevant offers?

Flowers, flowers and more flowers. With less than 2 weeks left to Valentines day, it seems that searches are already beginning to pick up for “FTD Florists” a good time to make lists of great Valentines gifts that link to affiliate programs you participate in. Consider also a list of ideas that don't cost any money or are under $X. If you blog for business, what advise can you offer your readers to take advantage of Valentines?

Micheal Phelps – so, a picture of him smoking marijuana leaked out. His press folks went to work quickly and already he's issued an apology. What do you and your readers think? Should there be more accountability than just an apology or is this just making a mountain out of a molehill? Is this a good or bad role model for children?

Frugal dinners – Yes, we already brought this up – blog about frugal meal preps? Well now we have ‘proof' such topics do work right now. We found this article to be heavily bookmarked across several social bookmarking sites. From Digg to Delicious.

31 Quick Blogging Ideas

Do you ever get stuck when blogging? Or, are you afraid to start blogging because you won't have enough ideas to make your blog interesting? Here are 31 topics (many which can be expanded upon) to get you blogging like a professional!

Click to download => [download#89]

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Hot Topics, Week 5

Wow, the first month of the year is already coming to an end. Wasn't that fast? If you have planned to make your blog a much more active place this year I hope we've managed to help you fill a few posts. I have a few questions to put to you at the end. Meanwhile, here's what is hot this week.

New Year All Over Again – Did you know that a large number of people are celebrating the Lunar New Year today? Commonly also referred to as Chinese New Year, it is celebrated by the Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Japanese and many other Asian countries. That's a lot of people! This is the year of the Ox. Take some time to wish your readers a Happy Lunar New Year, they will be thrilled! There are also other things you can blog about like how the year of the Ox is predicted to look for you and just general learning about the culture. Great post for those who home school. Here are some links that might be of interest.


More Job Losses – Pfizer buys Wyeth and cuts jobs, Caterpillar is shedding some too including Microsoft, Home Depot and Sprint Nextel. Certainly not a bright way to start the week. While it is certainly not a time to rejoice, we feel bloggers can develop several story angles from this.

Create a blog series about dinners you can serve a family of four for $5, or a series about what costs can be slashed from a typical family's expenses, or a series about how to recycle/re-use something people would normaly throw away.

If you blog about business, how to let go people with their dignities intact, how else you can cut costs, it is an employer's market now that we are flooded with a large number of workers – what would you offer? How to sustain sales, or go back to older posts about starting a business.

FLOTUS? – This came up as a hot search term this week uh but what is FLOTUS? It is “First Lady Of The United States” Okay… a strange acronym indeed – what is becoming of the English language? Which makes a good blog post by the way and what about a post about communications – creating acronyms nobody understands or using too much jargon. Although got to admit this FLOTUS thing did make us stop to read the blog posts about it. So go ahead ! Take advantage of this.

American Library Association (ALA) Awards – ALA has announced a list of literary award winners for books, videos, audiobooks for adults and children. We think this would be list type post, add your own review if you have read the book and of course, a great way to slip in those affiliate links. Here's a link to the news story with the list of books that won the awards.

Resveratrol – over the weekend the search volume for this jumped after 60 Minutes did a show on it. Resveratrol is a substance found in red wine that researchers say slows down aging and also supposedly helps you curb the fat. We are not very medically or nutrition savvy here at Blog Energizer however, we feel this will make a super interesting post for foodies and natural moms. Here's a link to CBS's story about Resveratrol.

Now for our question. How would you like a to have topics suggestions automatically ‘pushed' to your blog daily as draft posts so you can quickly work on adding/editing them? Let us know know in the comments.

Hot Button Topics, Week 4

It's Inauguration Week! Of course, we don't think you need to be told of this but we're putting a reminder anyhow. A hugely historical inauguration, so many positive things we can write on this.

Miraculous plane ‘splash' landing – So all last week people were talking about it. The news still continues. We think this is a good topic or lead in to a discussion about challenges and unexpected emergencies. How prepared are your readers to face emergencies of all sorts, health, finance or career.

Peanut butter products recall – Several companies have started recalling their products that contain peanut butter from Peanut Corp of America because they were tainted with salmonella. The word now is not to take any peanut butter food items until further information is available. Here's a short (incomplete) list of what we know has been recalled at time of writing.

  • Little Debbie peanut butter crackers
    Austin & Keebler peanut butter sandwich crackers
  • Famous Amous Peanut butter cookies
    Keebler soft batch homestyle peanut butter cookies
  • Here's a list of Kellogs products recalled.
  • Larabar peanut butter cookie flavor snack bars
  • JamFrakas peanut butter Blisscrisp flavor snack bars.

$200 Tablet PC – In July 2008, the guys at TechCrunch decided to work on a tablet PC that would largely be Internet based. The idea was something light, simple that can play flash, surf the Internet, check email and of course connect with friends on social networks. Now, they have revealed pictures of what they have built. Full video and pictures here. We think this would be a very interesting post that gets you comments.

Overcoming procrastination – This is around the time when resolutions are still high but the will begins to fade. Maybe that's why this particular article “How to overcome procrastination using self talk” has been bookmarked by a lot of people lately according to our source. We think a post with your own tips or an interview with a life coach here would interest your readers.

Circuit City – well by now many tech and gadget fans would have made their way down there to find a bargain. If you or your readers haven't, this is a good time to blog about whether liquidation sales a good idea or not. What to watch out and what to avoid. If you have experience in this arena, blog it now. Here's a great example of such a post to help spark your own post.

The following are hot searches in the last 24 – 48 hours that would make good blog posts for you:

  • Nutrisystem
  • Hip Hop Abs
  • IRS
  • Turbo Tax
  • Windows 7
  • SeaSquirt – marine creatures just discovered in Australian waters.
  • Dog Life Jacket
  • Free credit report

Buzz Topics Week 3, 2009

Greetings! A brand new week, lots of exciting stuff after two big events this weekend.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – Although the show ended yesterday, there's a lot of buzz generated from the show that people are still talking about. This show is the one where many new consumer electronics are unveiled or announced so you'll find lots of good and fun stuff to blog about. The official site is here, but if you'd much rather have the highlights version, you can always check out CNET CES for great coverage.

There is one product from CES that caught our attention. The Palm Pre. CNET named this the Best of CES 2009 and People's Voice Award and we also see search volume pretty high on this product.

In entertainment, there is no doubt the Golden Globe Award is all the buzz. Who won what, wore what and pictures! Lots and lots of pictures of course. Official Golden Globes site

Detroit Auto Show was the other big show this weekend although not as much press as the other two. The hot topic there of course are green(er) cars and what we can look forward to this year. Here is Motor Trend's coverage on the show. See if something catches your eye and blog about it.

Computer generated image
Computer generatedThis picture was highly bookmarked and commented on on Digg. The only information we had on it is that it is computer generated. It sure looks pretty real. While we cannot confirm the authenticity, an interesting topic none the less. You could talk about design techniques and what one can achieve, you can also talk about how a picture is not worth a thousand words anymore… well, it is in some ways but it is becoming ever more difficult for a regular viewer to discern real from false.

Let's hack our brains – this is a super interesting item that appeared on, getting a lot of conversation about it. We can trick our minds into hallucinating, make us feel less pain when we cut your fingers and more. When people say “It's all in your head” they may not be that far from the truth after all. There are a few ways to talk about this topic – we think what we tell our brains to think. Talk about perceptions. Here's the full story.

Store closings and Big Lots store closings – this popped up on the radar this week. Lots of people searching for store closing lists. Seems like a ‘sign of the times' posts but we also found a report on Snopes how to tell the real store closings and to differentiate between real closings or false reports.

DTV Coupons – as the US moves closer and closer to all digital TV and most people being last minute types, this is becoming popular. We think it's a nice affiliate opportunity to point out coupons and also talk about simply getting newer TVs.