Buzz Topics Week 2, 2009

Happy New Year everyone. This is our very first buzz topics for the year some exciting, interesting stuff popping up again.

Every single year beginning this time, HGTV kicks off their Home Giveaway. Search activity seems to have picked up for “HGTV Sweepstakes”. Great topic to blog about especially if you write about home/decor/home improvement topics and you can catch some of that search volume too. The official HGTV page is here if you want to learn more about the beautiful home they are giving away.

By the way, if you blog about personal finance, this is also a good topic. I've read once how a family struggled to keep the home they won and just could not do it. What would be the best thing to do if you won a big value prize?

Health bloggers you'll be happy to know that “Free Diet Plans” is also moving on up in search volume. Why not create a free diet plan to give away on your blog and don't forget, brand it and submit it to us so we can share it and get more traffic for you.

This is also tax time in the U.S. so there's lots of news stories about taxes and proposed tax cuts. TV commercials have also stepped up on this front. A great topic for just about any blog. Write about using your tax money, when you file, business taxes, keeping records.

Around the social networks, it finally happened. Phishing on Twitter. You could warn your blog readers and help them protect themselves. You could also talk about the direction of social networks like Twitter & how vulnerable users can be.

In health, the news story about ‘Third hand' cigarette smoke released last week is still being talked up. Good topic to write about quitting bad habits or your own struggle with quitting.

Now this is interesting for gadgeteers and entertainment buffs. Breaking news toos. It seems the popular Netflix is going to offer streaming movies in your living room TV. The company signed deal with LG who will built the functionality right into their TV sets in spring. No set top box required.

Source: Netflix streaming to be built into TVs –

Buzz Topics Week of December 29th, 2008

Hi folks, things are a tad slow this week as they usually are around this time when people are taking time off, resting and getting ready for the new year. Here are a few topics that came into our radar and a couple of timely topics for this time of the year.

Twitter seems to come up a lot lately. From top 10 lists of all things Twitter to the value of using Twitter. Here are some commonly bookmarked/commented articles on Twitter that might spawn your own.

Virginity Pledge Doesn't Stop Teen Sex – one of those stories that can be covered on a parenting or health blog. This topic is getting a lot of blog mentions, comments and bookmarks.

Facial Expressions come naturally, not learned – an interesting factoid for a filler post.

In Small Business topics, while we didn't see any one particular story pop up, we do see a lot of talk around looking toward the future. Steps to recession proof your business, ways to trim the fat and maintain a healthy business in the year ahead, outsourcing and hiring smartly, succeeding in bad times, leading in bad time and the likes.

Another topic that is talked and written about a lot lately is of course about planning for 2009. Remember the calendar we talked about last week. They are still hot.

Lists, lists and more lists. We have briefly touched this last week when we suggested a recap list. We are seeing more and more lists now. Here are some suggestions to make your own lists.

  • Top ten tools
  • Most popular posts
  • Most useful
  • X number of people to watch in your industry
  • X tips for 2009
  • Best and worst lists
  • Predictions
  • What worked in 2008
  • Lessons learned in 2008

Remember, you can split the lists up over the whole week so if you have a 5 or 7 day list you can post one for each day into the new year but make sure you close with a fabulous tip in the new year.

Have a good week and we'll see you next week with the first buzz topics for the year.

Buzz Topics Week of Dec 22, 2008

Ho ho ho everyone! There's no doubt Christmas is what everyone will be talking about directly or indirectly this week. Here are other things that has got the Blogosphere and the Internet talking.

By the way, as premium members, you know it is OK to copy and paste any of these topics so you can quickly get a jump start on your blogging. Just – don't copy verbatim 🙂 make it your own.

The weather – hasn't it just been crazy? Snow in Las Vegas, terrible storms in the North East and Mid West. The most common spin around this topic is of course tied to global warming and all that. But here are other ways you could write it up. Safety. Many people in climates who are not used to cold weather or snow are not equipped to handle them. Share some tips. Even those who are could use a tip or two. Ideas to keep kids occupied. Many of them will be home this week for the holidays. What you like/don't like about the weather patterns in the place you live in?

Recap – This week until Dec 31st we are seeing a lot of recaps. From highlights of the political scene in 2008 to tech and entertainment highlights of the year. You can build your own too. List the highlights/recap about your own industry.

Regrowing a cut off finger tip possible – Sounds too crazy and sci-fi? Maybe not. Apparently this is something that the U.S. Army has been working on and regrowth is possible today. They hope it will help save many soldiers' lives. Full story at CNN.

Unemployment – Not something we like to think about. Here's what you can write about. How to survive a layoff, Job hunting in a tough economy, Start your own business, Making money with your blog, Making money online, Making money with your existing skills, Changing careers to an industry less seriously affected, Which industries do better during bad times, Taking care of oneself emotionally and physically when times are tough and money is tight, free or low cost ways to get the exercise, saving on your grocery and household bills, teaching kids about tough times.

Passenger in crash finds time to Twitter – That itself should tell you how much Twitter is involved in the lives of those who use it. Better yet, how important this tool has become to some people. Great topic for those in small business niches. Also, for personal issues, is Twitter encroaching too much into our lives? When should you shut out Twitter?

$1 Water Based Glasses For 1Billion Poor – A UK inventor has created and already distributed 30,000 pairs of his water based eye glasses to 15 countries. His goal is to distribute 1 billion by 2020. To read the science behind, it, please see the full story at the Guardian. But this is a good story to blog about, to help spread the word, to share that sometimes it only takes a big idea, every single one of us can make difference. What's your goal? Make yourself accountable right on your blog. No better way than to publicly announce it. How can you use your blog for good? Just spread the word. Attach your lofty ambitions to doing something for those less fortunate. Remember, at Blog Energizer, we're still reaching for that goal too.

Calendars – Remember when we launched Blog Energizer we put out a calendar? They are still the top most downloaded resource we have. There's still a little over a week left. Create your own. Calendar searches are heating up. I myself realized I needed a calendar yesterday. Make one to give away and don't forget to include links to your site, highlights of the holidays related to your audience's interests and if you already planned out your promotions, go ahead add them in too. You never know who will use it and they get to keep up with you all year long. Don't forget to submit them here after creating them.

Buzz Topics Week of December 15th 2008

WordPress 2.7

Even though this was released in the middle of last week, it's still being talked about. Ways you can spin it: Likes/dislikes. What to do before you upgrade, what to do if your upgrade fails. If you are a service provider you can always talk about how it is more productive for most serious entrepereneurs to have their blogs upgraded for them. Review & affiliate opportunities. There are a few automatic upgrade tools. There is the ever famous free plugin: WordPress Automatic Upgrade. There are also tools like WP Auto Upgrade which is paid software but you can upgrade multiple blogs from one place.

Best of 2008

Ok, technically this is not exactly what everyone is talking about but think of it this way. It's a good way to catch some affiliate sales. Build your own “Best of list”, and use your affiliate links where applicable. This is a great time to do a “Best of list” or “Most popular” list.

Google Wants To Jump The Line To Get To Your Computer

This has to do with network neutrality. Right now the Internet is ‘neutral' in the sense your blog, gets to your viewers computer at the same speed and is just as accessible to your readers as Google's sites are. For a long time, the network providers namely your Internet Service Providers have been asking for the option to charge those who deliver the most content a higher rate so their sites gets through the ‘pipeline' faster. Everyone else's sites can wait. It has been going on for a while and Google has always been at the forefront protecting network neutrality but not it seems Google has changed its mind? Hmmm…. Get full details on this hot topic at the What do you think? How do you feel about this as a blogger, as a small or micro business owner and as a Internet user?

Teacher throws kid in detention for using Linux

This is a good one even for parenting blogs! We don't have to say how slow *some* schools and educators have been on the technology curve but this is like living in the stone age. Linux has long been open source and probably will forever be. Open source meaning no cost to use or distribute. But apparently a teacher didn't think so. Not only did she throw the child into detention, she also wrote a very feisty letter to HeliOS (a distribution of Linux) and accuses them of distributing illegal software plus, to rub salt into injury… says Microsoft is better. Now don't get us wrong. We like our Windows but we also know that it's pretty much suicidal to get into a conversation with users or developers of other operating systems.

As a parent this really makes me wonder. How equipped are our educators to bring our children into the new economy? No matter what kind of government assistance or infrastructure being put in place, if the child is not educated properly about them, they won't know how to use the massive number of tools laid out for them.


Holiday Buzz

We've already said that games are hot to blog about but do you know which? According to Nielsen Online, the most talked about Game console is surprise! The Xbox. The most talked about gift idea is TV followed by DVD. We highly recommend you to grab a copy of Nielsen Online's press release to study the findings from the link below (it is a PDF).

Click to download => [download#61#nohits]

But here are some suggestions you can get from this study. Find and check out any coupons for TV's or anything related to DVD's and Xbox post them. We'll also look out for them for you. Use your affiliate links and write about these products what makes a good holiday, why and how. Use your affiliate links to point out deals and specials for Xboxes, TV's, DVD's and related items.

How NOT To Use Screen shots

You know how we are asked to sometimes submit a screen shot of your computer to show an error or maybe you create a screen shot to demonstrate how to work a program to someone? Well… this is a perfect example why one must be careful when creating that screen shot. Click for image bigger picture. Right click, Save As to save to your computer if you wish to blog about it.

Bernie Maddoff's Huge Pyramid Scheme

Here at BlogEnergizer, we try to find upbeat topics to blog about. But some things are unavoidable especially in this economic climate. While we are not financial experts, we believe this is one story that could be blogged about in many ways. For example, what happened to good old fashioned honest business? With so many ‘schemes', mismanagement by large companies, mega CEO renumeration packages, are people starting to tire of big businesses? Is this good or bad for small businesses?


Obesity Controlled by The Brain

According to scientists, there are 7 variants of a gene that affects your brains' ability to control your eating behavior, appetite and your body's ability to burn fat. A person carrying all 7 of the gene variants are more likely to be heavier than those without. Full story here.

Hot Topics Week of December 8th, 2008

Happy week everyone. The following are buzz topics that lots of bloggers are talking about recently.

Louisiana elects first Vietnamese-American to Congress – pretty exciting news for a political blogger. Even if you're not one there are still different angles one can cast with this topic. Not forgetting, Obama named retired Gen. Eric K. Shinseki as his secretary of Veterans Affairs recently. Links of interest

Google phone for developers. Google is allowing developers to purchase an unlocked version of the Android phone at $399 including free shipping. Official blog post about this release is here.

Walmart to sell iPhones – Big consumer and tech news. Apple has long been notoriously strict about their distribution channels. Especially the iPhones but now Walmart is slated to start selling iPhones. Apple may offer the discontinued 4GB version for sale at Walmart for $99. Big story from Bloomberg here.

Happiness contagious – British Medial Journal research says that people's happiness is influenced by the happiness of their immediate acquaintances. In many ways this is no surprise remember the saying to stay away from negative and toxic people? So there – blog about it, write a happy post, do something that makes you and others happy and spread the cheer.

Link to this topic: Understanding social network analysis.

Google Friend Connect – this is supposed to connect all the blogs and social networks you are in. If you have a blog, you can allow your visitors to sign in with their Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account and literally ‘friend' your readers like a mini social network. Google Friend Connect does all the heavy lifting. You only need to copy and paste the gadgets. This is a YouTube video how that works. I'll probably test this on my TechBasedMarketing and MomsGadgets blog soon.

Friend Connect URL:

How long – this is an really interesting picture to blog about. These days when you search for something the search engines will try to anticipate the phrase you're trying to look up. Some of this is based on the search engine's data like most searched and some on your own search habits. Click to view larger picture. Right click to download this picture to your computer and re-upload to your blog is you blog about it.

Nintendo DS Scrabble game swears – A mom in the UK was horrified when the Scrabble game on her son's Nintendo DS started spouting out some unsavory words to say the least. Maybe something to avoid this Christmas? Or another good blogging point – what happened to playing Scrabble with your kids?

Story link:

Hot Topics Week of December 1st, 2008

It's December folks and the first day of the last month of this year happens to be…

Cyber Monday – wow. Great time to talk about what deals are out there, put out your very own deals if you have a product. Don't forget your affiliate links if you're promoting any deals. Alternatively, we could talk about spending wisely on Cyber Monday and how not to get sucked into sales that aren't really good deals if people took the time to investigate it deal. I think that is a great topic for the rest of the 24 days counting down to Christmas.

Talking about Cyber Monday, people are still talking about the tragic Black Friday accident at Wal-Mart where a worker was killed. Very sad indeed. What does this say of us as a nation? What should businesses do to ensure safety of workers and shoppers alike? More news reports for your reference can be found here:

Meanwhile, with the holidays coming up, don't be surprised to see more product related hot topics. One such that popped up this week is the video game Guitar Hero and Nintendo's WII. If your blog is about games, teens, parenting this is a good one to talk about.

World AIDS Day – on a more somber note, world health. Today is World AIDS day. It's been two decades, we have come far but still not conquered this deadly disease. If you'd like to make a difference, you could go to Bloggers Unite to participate in their program for the day. Donate and encourage others to donate at AMFAR, the foundation for AIDS research. For editorials to read, comment on and expand upon, this one on CNN is a good one.

World Clock – for some reason, this world clock has turned up on our radar screen, catching a bit of buzz. It's certainly a very interesting clock. It tells you the world population right now, how many births taking place right now, the global temperature, HIV infections, Abortions, Oil/cars/bicycles produced, traffic accidents and other such data. There's something to be blogged about in there for sure.

Alcohol calculatorthis turned up on our hot topic radar too. Great for those with health and general blogs. You enter what alcoholic drink you've taken last night and it calculates how many calories you've consumed and what foods that is equivalent to.

Web site usability testing guide – those of you who build web sites, blog about web development or web businesses, this is a good one to talk about. This is a 5 page article guide about what you should test on your web site. Do the test. Do you pass? Hope so. You could also challenge your readers to it and help them improve their own blogs / web sites.

Digital trails and privacy – In our age, it is so easy to forget every blog post we make, every tweet we post on Twitter, every comment we make on others' blogs leaves a trail but that's not all. Great article on privacy and digital trails at NY Times and it's generating quite a bit of links and buzz to it. What you could blog about – your own trails, your childrens' trails, is this something you can prevent, minimize or do we just throw our hands up in the air and accept it. If you own a business, how do you feel about it as a business owner and a consumer of technology?

Hot Topics Week of November 24, 2008

Here we go for this week folks.

Blackberry Storm – this is BlackBerry's first touch screen smart phone and it has already been compared to the iPhone. Lots of people waiting on this one, lots of talk on it too. The Storm is set to release today in Netherlands and in the US, buyers are on a wait list. Some useful links for research

Facebook's failed efforts to buy Twitter – two big social networks. But Twitter rejected Facebook's proposal. Apparently there are also some companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Verizon who are interested in Twitter. Some useful links about the failed deal.

Twilight – This Vampire love story movie opened strong last weekend, surprising many for a relatively low budget, independently produced movie. Great write up about this movie here.

Gmail themes – of course last week, Gmail rolled out themes and colors which took many by surprise. Official blog post about that is here. May be a good how to tutorial or video opportunity.

How blogs get started (funny picture) – last week, members really enjoyed the funny picture and requested we keep the pictures coming. This week, I found this picture (below) that had quite a bit of buzz. It's titled How Blogs Get Started. Kinda funny and very true and the exact problem we try to cure here at Blog Energizer 😉 By the way, you know you can make your membership free right? By referring two premium members, your own membership will be free. Join our affiliate program, blog about this picture and tell people how we can help cure that ailment.

Creative marketing/advertising – This is a great photo that generated a lot of interest among commenters. click image to see a larger image and download.

The white sign says “Do not post pictures of this onto the Internet” and it has a bunch of seemingly nonsense code at the bottom. Apparently, it is an encrypted code that leads people to a job ad for pbwiki. If you go to and enter the code without spaces, you'll see “Result:”. A nice way of making sure your ad reaches the right people and filtering out the rest. Quite smart.

*Important note about pictures: Please do not link to the pictures directly. We have turned on hotlinking and it may not work. Instead, download it and upload it to your blog

Medicare pays for drugs that are not FDA approved – on the health front, there are millions of Americans taking medications that aren't FDA approved but Medicare still pays for them. Expose stories an be found on.

Also… hot key phrases this week are:

  • weight loss ideas
  • traditional thanksgiving dinner
  • black friday sales

Hot Topics Week of Nov 18, 2008

Whoa! This week was definitely interesting and it all started on a Sunday when hot topics are usually rather slow to build. Anyway, here's what we found out.

MotrinMom issue – this is almost an all out war. The story is, the company put out an ad over on their website about how it could hurt for some moms when they carry their baby using a sling – the often used term for this is wearing your baby. If you need a YouTube to that video it is here

The uproar is tremendous! Many are offended and some just don't see the big deal about it all. Even dads jumped on board this discussion. If you're in business or have a business to business blog there's lots to blog about here too. I've just heard that Motrin took down their ad and put up an apology. That in itself could also be another blog post. Spin off topics, why mommys are at war, what makes parenting so competitive, why sweat the small stuff type posts. Places you can get more chatter/links/videos about the issue.

November is National Novel Writing Month – so we're a little late in here but this topic is getting a lot of chatter on Twitter. Check out NaNoWriMo and the official web site.

Adobe to demo Flash player on Windows Mobile Devices on Monday but nothing for iPhone users. I'm sure there's lots to talk about if you're an iPhone user or blogger. Nice newsy item for any blog really especially if you use either a Windows Mobile phone. or iPhone. Sources:

Mark Cuban charged with Insider Trading by SEC – on the sale of That pretty much sums it all. Source: The Standard

Miley Cyrus dead hoax – from what we know, this started on YouTube. Not sure if this is the official video but one of those that perpetuated the hoax for sure. Lots can be blogged about on this even if you're not in entertainment/celebrities. How fast rumors spread now, how it becomes harder for people to sort out what is real and what's not with the power of the Internet etc.

Paint by number toilet paper – what the?? Seriously folks, this could be quite a hilarious post. I wonder what we're supposed to paint with 😉 Off the cuff, pretty funny high probability of getting some people out to comment. Got lots of Diggs. Here's the image.