The Best of the (Year)

This is a great post to write around the holiday season. They really help get those affiliate clicks and sales. Some ideas are:

The best family friendly Wii games of (insert year)
Top 10 home exercise programs of (year)
10 most affordable and useful software for (year)
Our most popular posts of the year

The best thing about this type of lists, you can make it a tradition and repeat year after year and make a name for yourself as the home of the annual top WYZ widgets. You get the idea. Go ahead – write and schedule it now so you don't have to rush during the holidays. Make sure you use your affiliate links and remember those disclosures.

Year End Review

Here'a another awesome post that works better during the year end. Throughout the year, we create so much blog content and unfortunately, some of them get overlooked or buried but they are pretty timeless or something you think would benefit your readers to have a second look. This also gives you a chance to introduce content to your newer readers who may not have seen it before.

Dig them up. Do a year end review of your most important, most popular, most commented, more tweeted, most controversial etc posts of the year.

Fill In The Blanks

Find or create some fun sentences then ask readers to fill in the blank or complete the sentence. This is a fun and indirect way to get them talking instead of an outright question. For example,

  • Food is to me what ____ is to children
  • If I had $1000 to invest in my business I would ___
  • Our family regularly ___ at the dinner table

When Was The Last Time…

This is a great topic idea, consider these twists and blog about them. When was the last time you…

  • Cleaned your home office desk?
  • Called your mom or someone dear to you but hardly call?
  • Bought your wife flowers?
  • Hugged your kids?
  • Exercised for at least 1 hour?
  • Cleaned your computer files?
  • Went a full day without gadgets or computers?
  • Read a book? Not an ebook 😉

You could also turn this around and ask your readers when was they last time they…?

A Year Later

This may be a good one if you can remember to keep it up. Got the idea from a set of photographs I saw. It was of a family of four, taken every single year at the same day over a period of something like 14 years. It was naturally pretty amazing and interesting to see how both parents and children changed over the years.

So… what could you do with that? If you blog about health of weight loss, this is a good one to do. A picture every year of yourself or your students if you coach people.

In business, you may want to share about how much your business progressed, what are the high points and low points.

In just about any niche market you could do like a yearly round up. Remember, it need not be your experiences. It could be your clients/customers.

50 People 1 Question

This idea is inspired by this wonderful video Fifty people, one question. Actually, I've seen many bloggers do something similar on Twitter of course, the creator of that video really took it further. Still, you can always do something similar. Shoot an email to 25 (or whatever number) of people, ask them just one thought provoking question and post their answers.

Twists you can use:
Ask your Twitter friends
Ask people influential in your niche – this takes a bit more preparation but could be a nice traffic magnet.
Ask those who've come out on top of trying situations against all odds
Ask the kids
Ask the seniors
Ask men
Ask women

Look To The Future

An opposite of another idea we published. Blog about what you think you'll be doing or be in 5 or 10 years. What are your goals, what are you doing today to achieve that goal?

Ask your readers the same question.

Go Back In Time

Write about what you were doing this time 1, 2, 3 – 10 years ago. Add relevant points especially pertaining to your blog topic. If you are a fitness enthusiast now, were you exercising and eating healthy then? If not what were you doing? How did that make you feel? How do you feel now looking back? Are you happier?

Ask your readers what they were doing at that same time.

Last Minute Valentine Post

Just got this fabulous idea for blog health bloggers. Valentines is all about red hearts everywhere but people often forget about… their hearts. Heart disease is deadly for both men and women. Blog about early warning signs and if you have a younger audience how to keep their hearts young so they can keep giving love to their loved ones for many years to come.

Affiliate opportunities: Heart healthy food and beverages, Diet and nutrition products and supplements.

Business bloggers
People who experience less stress in their lives are naturally healthier and happier with their lives. There's nothing like doing what you really love. Sure entrepreneurs have stress too but overall they are happier and better outlook on life. Blog how it has changed your lives are you ‘in love' with what you do and your current situation?

Affiliate opportunities: Start your own business resources, blogging for business resources. Some suggestions:

Looking Back & Then Ahead

With the New Year upon us, many of us are tense especially this year and some are looking forward. A good New Year's Eve post would be looking back, what you've learned, what you're thankful for, what you would do different etc. Then you could follow up a post on New Year's day about what you are looking forward to this year, what you've learned from the last year that you will apply or not apply this year. What is your general outlook.

Here's a twist. Gather a few friends to guest blog for you. Ask them to answer the very same questions you put to yourself. This will add a few more interesting posts for your readers and you could also do a re-cap especially when everyone has a lot of differing views.