March 2011 Project: Teachers In Our Lives

This month, we change things around again. Unlike the last two months, the success of this one will depend on US. You, me and every premium member. It is somewhat hands on but will be lots of fun, will help us generate quality content and at the same time give us the opportunity to help each other out. Here's how it will work:

Name a teacher who has helped you in school or have inspired you enough that you remember that lesson till today and live various aspects of your life by. Reflect how this teacher influenced your business, your parenting, your outlook in life, your work ethics, your attitude towards health and more. This can be a positive or a negative experience. It also need not be a teacher in high school or elementary school. It could be a professor in college or someone who taught you an evening class at the local community college. Write it out and provide a ‘moral of the story‘ that fits your audience. It is OK to monetize your story if you find relevant products/services.

How it works

We will kick off with an introductory post on March 17th and link to the blog next in line – we'll make sure everyone gets the right links. Essentially, we are creating a ‘content series' that spans several blogs – think Chicken Soup spread out on different blogs. In your post, you should also include a link to the next scheduled blog and our introductory post which will carry a list of all the blogs.

We will announce the project to all members, and social networks. At the end of the series, we will compile a PDF out of the submissions, give everyone proper credit and link backs then distribute it as a freebie, this way we can benefit from our work for much longer.

How this helps you (and everyone in it)

As you know, we are here to help you with your blog. This should help you:

  • Build link backs to your blog
  • Expand your reach by exposing your blog to new audiences
  • Gain some traffic
  • Gain newsletter subscribers – think ahead. Put in a call to action or a sign up link to your newsletter. While it cannot be guaranteed you want to do all you can to get people to your list.
  • Create great content as well as entertain and help your readers
  • Build community standing by working together

Resources to help you

We've also prepared a resource that helps you go through the ways you can monetize your blog. This is not necessary to participate and you can review/act on the resource any time. But if you are new to blog monetization, we encourage you to review these resource. Explore ways to monetize your blog in preparation for this project.

Your next step

If you want to be counted in, let us know below. The first person in the comments below to say “count me in” will be scheduled for March 18th, the second for March 19th, the third for March 20th and so on. We are looking for at least 7 people to kick it off and if there are more the better! I'm hoping we keep this going for 7 – 14 days depending on your response but the cut off would probably be 21 days.

Ideally, we can have enough people in similar niches to group together, however participation is more important.

If you have questions post them in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them.

So… are you in? Come on! Let's do something fun and generate some traffic together.

Freebies: Your Little Marketing Machines

This month, we have a project for you. Create a freebie to promote your blog.

To help you, here are a set of resources.

Freebies: Your Little Marketing Machines – This walks you through the why's, different methods and strategies to create your freebie.

Action Plan – Helps you review the key points and make sure you cover your bases as you start working on your freebie and put into place the systems to distribute it.

Checklist – This gives you a quick view what you have decided to do and keep you on track.

Freebie Mistakes – Read this before you begin so you won't make mistakes that could cost you readers, subscribers and revenue months, even years down the road.

Grab these resources. Use it to create your freebie. When you are done, post a link to your download page – we prefer non opt-in although you can have an opt-in box next to it. If you want you can make the non-opt-in a BlogEnergizer exclusive. We will then help you promote this freebie by sharing it with the rest of the members, and our social network. We will also create a task in Tribes so you won't have to use your points.

A Few Things To Note

  • No PLR. While we do mention PLR in the resource, we included it for long term practical knowledge. For us to help you promote it, we ask no PLR please.
  • Complete and post your freebie in the comments below before the March 2011 project is released and we'll add it to the list in our Tribes task.

Maximize This Opportunity!
You know in the strategic resource, we mentioned partnering up. Now I know there are members here who have complimenting blogs. So… don't go it alone! Unlike a regular coaching membership you buy elsewhere we are not a coaching resource, we like to focus on connecting you with the right people. While we give you tools like these downloads to help, the real value is your fellow members. In the comments below, give a shout out to other members, tell us what topic freebie you'd like to give away and ask who would like to work together with you.

You can:

  • Get 3 or 4 people to write an article related to your topic then compile it into one big freebie then all of you will equally be responsible to share it with your audience and promote it. We've done this before and it is a wonderful opportunity to leverage several people's audience.
  • Interview each other then release the freebie to each other for distribution.
  • Hold a webinar together.

Use your creativity to see how else you can work together.

Special Report Club Exclusive For Premium Members

We've managed to secure two exclusive deals just for Premium members and their readers. Here's why this is so special.

Because the coupon is created just for BlogEnergizer Premium members, it is not available in public. If you put it up for your readers, it will make them feel quite special, make you look great at no extra cost on your behalf. That is sweet.

Here's what you do

Write a post about the special offer. Tell your readers by special arrangement or because they are are readers on your blog, here's a $5 coupon off any package at the Special Reports Club. Just use this code: F5BC6 at

The other is $5 off any sweetie product (not recurring).
Coupon Code: 32437

You can even claim that you negotiated it we don't mind. We're here to make you look good. But if you don't want to do that, you can always tell them you got this because you are a BlogEnergizer Premium member and use your affiliate link to convince others to join us as Premium members. If you don't have an affiliate link, here are some instructions. You don't have to sign up. Because you are our customer, the affiliate links are already activated and created for you.

Parenting Simply Free Downloads

Some things children say can send us running for cover. And those questions, sheesh! If you're child's angry questions or comments have left you wracking your brain for a reply, grab your free copy of End Conflict find out how to answer your child’s most common gripes.

Download and Share ==> Answers To End Parent-Child Conflicts (331 downloads)

Here are a couple of short audios you may be interested in downloading and sharing as well.

Get kids to listen with one word – 6 minute quik-tips audio

Avoid conflicts with one phrase – 5 minute quick-tips audio

Hint: There is also an affiliate program for workshops.

Free ebook ABCs Of Success

Sick and tired of all the conflicting info about how to succeed? Feel like you've thrown too much money down the drain on things that didn't help? Here is a free ebook to help you figure out what went wrong and how to get back on track.

Thomas Anderson shares his personal experience that millions can relate to. Grab his straight to the point ebook, A, B, C’s Of Success, to find how you can make your dreams and plans come true.

Download and share ==> ABCs Of Success (438 downloads)

Better Your Titles In 14 Days

This is our first challenge ever and we are SO excited to work with you on them. For the entire of month, this is your ‘home base' for the “Better Your Titles In 14 Days” challenge. Any news, updates, additional resources will be posted here and also all discussion for this challenge only will take place in the comments area at the bottom of the page. So you might want to bookmark this page for the rest of the month.

The challenge is not delivered automatically to all members. You must register in order to receive the challenge materials. Once you register, you will begin receiving one tip or strategy a day until the end of the series. You can register anytime but keep in mind that your ‘lessons' are delivered according to the date you register so you may be at a different lesson than others.

We all know how things can get away from us if we don't act right away. The earlier your register, the better. This will give you more time to work on improving your titles before the next workshop comes up.

Register below now…

Please ignore the PayPal and coupon thing you don’t have to pay to get into the challenge

Neti Pots and Monsters

Hi folks, we've been making our rounds around the web again, checking out what's new. Some pretty interesting stuff have surfaced/re-surfaced. The following topics have registered a high volume of searches.

  • Neti Pots
  • Free Weight Loss Plans – oh we can just see what a good topic this would be for a health blog or anyone in the health industry if you can create a freebie around that would be a timely giveaway.
  • Professional Development – it is a known fact that more people go back to school or seek our learning programs to improve, add or advance a skill when they are laid off. Good topic for career and even small business blogs.
  • Montauk Monster returns. If you don't know what it is, see this story.

Big Screen Kindle This Week?

Yes, according to the New York Times. This has certainly set many bloggers' tongue awagging. Put your two cents in. Will you or won't you buy it? Amazon is supposed to hold a press conference on Wednesday and maybe reveal the Big Screen Kindle.


Why's everyone blogging about Kryptos and what is it anyway? Kryptos is a 20 year old sculpture that sites in the courtyard of the CIA HQ. Wired published a story on it recently which was great reading by the way and now the Internet is ablaze with posts about the code that the CIA can't crack. Write about your thoughts about the calendestine, cryptography, fun and simply cryptograph projects with the kids or family. Or dive into more serious issues about secrecy.

Hot Topics Week 18, 2009

Without a doubt, the Swine Flu is on everyone's lips around the world. Write about the symptoms, how to take care and protect yourself. A twist to this is also to blog about what are the hoaxes and myths related to the Swine Flu.

Mother's Day is May 10th. This is the time to get prepared for what you will do/write about on that day itself. But don't just think May 10th. This is a traditionally a good time to write posts with affiliate links to the perfect Mothers' Day gifts and promote them from now through May 10th.

Verizon's iPhone – Apple signed an exclusive contract with AT&T for the iPhone but that will expire in 2010 and this week there's a lot of rumors about the Verizon iPhone. Will you get one? Why and why not? In case you didn't know, even if it is true, you can't just use an existing iPhone on the Verizon network because AT&T and Verizon work on different technological backbones so if you like iPhone and hate AT&T and want to switch to Verizon, that likely means buying a new iPhone – hmmmm… write about your thoughts about that. Source:

Craigslist murder – a dark topic, but a good time to blog and reflect about our safety online. As bloggers we are putting ourselves out there. Once something is published, there's no taking back and deleting a post may not work either. Do you draw a line? Yet at the same time, you want to be approachable enough to your readers so people can trust and follow you. Write about how you handle that.

And The World's Most Influential Person Is… Moot? Who? Well we just found out he's the owner of a web site called and he's received so many votes on's Most Influential Person Vote. Can this be  manipulated or has the Internet totally changed the whos' who of the world?