Role Models and your Blog Business

Whether you realize it or not, your blog is affected by someone you see as a role model. On the flip side of the coin, you have the potential to be a role model to each and every one of your readers. Since role models are so important, take the time to write about how they have affected your blog or business. Here are a few article titles and topics to help get you started.

  • How a family role model helped to make your blog a success
  • What my business role models taught me
  • 5 characteristics of a great role model
  • The responsibilities of a role model
  • Leader characteristics of a role model
  • Accepting your role model status while remaining humble
  • Seeing your role model in a realistic light
  • Role models make mistakes too


Attitude Adjustment Profits Business

Remember that business where you had to interact with someone that had a crappy attitude? Maybe they were snippy or just down right rude. Whatever the case, you probably couldn't wait to get out of their presence. The bottom line is that positive attitudes attract people. Negative or crabby attitudes repel people.

So what can you write about leveraging the power of positive attitudes for business profit? Here are a few suggestions:

  • How to motivate and rejuvenate your team
  • Affirmations for business
  • 5 strategies to make you smile instead of shouting
  • What a positive attitude can do for you physically and how that will make a difference in your business
  • What a positive attitude can do for your mind/emotions and how it affects your business
  • How positive attitudes affect your health and in turn, your business.
  • Why people with positive attitudes make better leaders
  • How positive attitudes improve customer relations and sales

Checklist Day Ideas

Are you a list maker or do you know someone who is? Well, here's a day to celebrate! Checklist Day is October 30.

There are oodles of things you can share with your readers about checklists, no matter what niche you cover. Here are a few post ideas to get you started.

  • 5 ways checklists can make a difference to your readers
  • The benefit of checklists, even if everything isn't checked off
  • 5 tips for making effective checklists
  • The top 3 times when checklists are an absolute must
  • Plain checklists vs. colorful or decorated lists (pros & cons of each)
  • Programs, software, or widgets with checklists (like Rainlender to-do list)

Make your Business Bigger, Better, and Stronger

How do ordinary business owners accomplish extraordinary success? They get the inside edge over their competitors. Use these topic suggestions to help your readers find, implement, and succeed with their inside edge.

  • What it takes to get the inside edge
  • Identifying your business strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying the competitors strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover your edge by comparing your strengths and weaknesses with your competitor
  • How to capitalize on your advantage or edge
  • Using your edge to plan for success
  • Collect, share, and elaborate upon business quotes that inspire your readers to become truly unique in their field.


Energize your Business with Ergonomics

As an online business owner, you may have felt neck pain, eye pain, hand/ arm pain, or back pain due to the amount of time you spend on the computer. When you experience these aches and pains, it's difficult to concentrate or physically run your business. To rejuvenate yourself and your business, take a look at the ergonomics, that is the interaction between you and the things around you, and make adjustments accordingly.

  • Here are a few blog topics ideas you may want to use to connect with your readers.
  • Define ergonomics and describe why every business owner should know more about the topic.
  • Common aches and pains associated with online business owners (long computer use).
  • Share ergonomic strategies and tips. Here are a few for ideas.
  • Share how making an ergonomic change helped to alleviate your pain.
  • Write a review of several ergonomic products or create a comparison chart to share with your readers.

Stragegic Planning for your Business Success

With the onset of Fall, it's time to finalize this year's strategic planning and begin looking to the future with next year's plan. Here are a few things you may want to do or blog about.

  • Define and elaborate upon these topics as they relate to strategic planning: purpose, vision, mission, objective, strategy, and tactic.
  • Create and share freebies to help your readers with their strategic plan.
  • Write about the strategic planning process. Discusses what happens in each step.
  • For strategic planning to be successful, key people should attend and pertinent information shared. Write about who should attend a meeting and what info should be included.
  • Introduce or review business strategy or planning software such as:
    My Strategic Plan
    Business Plan Pro or Sales & Marketing Pro

Businesses Lessons from Fall Fairs

If you keep your mind and eyes open, there are a lot of business lessons that can be learned at your local (or not so local) county fair or carnival. Here are some blogging (and marketing) ideas related to fairs that you may want to incorporate in your own business and/or write about.

  • What is a carnival barker and what can they teach you about marketing your business?
  • Colors, images, and smells all play an important part at fairs. How can you incorporate these attention-grabber fair strategies in your business?
  • Which booths/rides are the most crowded? Why? What need is being met?
  • What can you learn about business or product marketing from fair foods such as Fried Ice Cream, and other odd fair fare?
  • How are fair booths like your website?
  • What are the top 4 emotions that a fair caters to? How can you incorporate them in your business?
  • A Twist On Product Coupons

    Especially when money is tight, coupons are a big hit with potential and current customers. Here are some ideas to help you market your business with coupons or share coupon tips with your readers.

    • What's the down-side of using coupons? Share a solution.
    • Share tips for organizing coupons.
    • Make a plan for peak coupon promotion times.
    • What are the dos and don'ts of marketing with coupons.
    • Marketing with online coupons – include tips for Google Places pages and other under-used coupon sharing methods.
    • What was the biggest coupon deal you ever got?
    • Talk about your worst coupon experience. Avoid using names for liability reasons.

    Testimonials & Business Updates

    When was the last time you added a testimonial or updated your business info? If you're like most people, it's been a while. Before the holiday selling season starts in the fall, it's a good idea to get your testimonials, connections, and resumes/projects up to date. Here are some things you can do and write about on the topic.

    • Discuss how to write and ask for powerful customer attracting testimonials.
    • Elaborate on 5 ways to share testimonials on your website.
    • Explain how up to date testimonials, resumes, projects, and connections can help your business prosper.
    • Describe the theory of six degrees of separation and how it relates to online business connections
    • Share beneficial places to add your business profile and/or resume.


    Writing Testimonials
    6 Degrees of Separation Theory

    Business Lessons From Elected Officials 2011

    Even if you don't talk about politics on your site, there are always business lessons to be learned from elected officials. This is especially true around election times. Whether using a humorous or indignant tone, you can subtly incorporate business lessons from your favorite (or not so favorite) elected official into your blogging schedule. Here a few lessons you can write about.

    • If you don't know how to compromise, you won't get very far.
    • Double check and pay attention to the facts/details.
    • Is this mic on? Oops! Some things should be kept to yourself even if you don't think others can hear.
    • If you don't really know about a subject or the answer to a question, don't try to wing it.
    • Your credibility is only as good as your references. Inaccurately using popular phrases sends the younger crowd screaming into the night.
    • You have to know how to follow before you can lead.
    • You can't please everyone but everyone is pleased by someone who is fair.
    • Don't make decisions based on your likes and dislikes but what is best for everyone involved.
    • Successful? You didn't get there alone.
    • Don't read your own publicity. You may begin to believe it.
    • Just because you are well known, it doesn't mean you are no longer one of the “little” people. If you don't keep reminding yourself of that, others will do it for you and it won't be pretty.
    • Don't try and sneak anything by your customers or they will sneak by you and go to the competition.

    For more ideas check out:

    YouTube Political Bloopers

    Editorial Cartoons By Political Slant

    Visit your favorite news publication.