Special Half-Off Coupon Code On New Cookbook

Coupon extended until November 5, 2010. Act Now!

For months, years really, I've been working on a special cookbook. It all started when I was looking for a certain recipe. I thought with all the sites on the internet, my search would be a breeze. I was wrong and fell into many of the traps that I'm sure you have.

I've purchased cookbooks only to find that the pretty cover was the best thing about the book. Cookbooks with hundreds of recipes didn't help me either because they were either old, poorly written, used ingredients that weren't available to me, or all of the above. In short, I always felt that I wasted my money and time.

That's when I got mad and decided to make my own! That is how the My Country Cookin Cookbook series came about. I began with my own recipes as well as some from family members. Then when I tasted a great dish at a friend or neighbor's house, I asked for the recipe, always adding my own special touches after the first time. Pretty soon, I found myself replicating my personal cookbook for holiday gifts.

Finally, after getting my recipes organized, creating original graphics (after learning to use a graphic program), and designing a digital version of the cookbook, My Country Cookin' Basic Cookbook is almost ready. BUT….Here's the good part. Recently, I created the Holiday Turkey Cookbook which can be seamlessly added to the basic cookbook.

Why is this good? Because as a Blog Energizer member, you can get the Holiday Turkey Cookbook (regularly $12.99) at 50% off! PLUS you can share the discount coupon code with your readers. You'll want to do this quickly because it's only good for a short time!

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Viral Marketing 5 Dollars Off Coupon

Remember my last email to you, the one about being late? Well, I'm redeeming myself this week with something special just for your personal use.. Melissa and her team were kind enough to offer a $5 off coupon to BlogEnergizer members for the Viral Marketing Workshop. Run right over and grab your copy of the Viral Marketing Workshop and use the coupon code – BlogEnergizer

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Coupon Hosting The Ultimate Halloween Party

It just amazes me how the fall season can energize people. You see whole neighborhoods pulling out the decorations at the first sign of a colored leaf. And, you can bet your bottom dollar that kids are already excited about Halloween and fall gatherings. For the adults, this is a busy time of year, especially if kids are involved.

To make things a little easier for you, I created Hosting The Ultimate Halloween Party. This 40 page book is jam packed with ideas for costumes, crafts, games, recipes, printables, templates and other goodies to help you host a great Halloween party. Whether you plan on having a small gathering of friends or want to host a blow-out for the entire neighborhood, Hosting The Ultimate Halloween Party will help you do it…the easy way.

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Coupons To Put You Into Cooking Mode

As the season changes from summer to fall, I tend to do more cooking. You know how it is. The kids are going back to school and they need nutritious items to take with them. The family spends less time together during the day so evening meals are even more important. When the weather is cooler I just enjoy cooking more. If it's like this for you too here are some coupons to help you into cooking mode.

Save up to $30.70 on Betty Crocker products

Campbell’s coupons

Nestle coupons

Pillsbury coupons

Kellogg’s coupons

Drink Your Vitamins Samples

While the majority of people could benefit from taking a daily vitamin supplement, many of us don’t because it’s simply inconvenient. There are too many pills to take, or you can’t take them on an empty stomach and have to rush off to work without breakfast. You may want to pick up a sample of these vitamins that you can mix with a glass of water or any drink of your choice. Don't forget to drink your vitamines!

Savings To Give You A Youthful Feeling

Are you ready to feel like a kid again? Great! This week is all about regaining your youthful feeling and saving as you go.

  • To get started, here's a Nature's Bounty free sample of adult gummy multi-vitamin supplements – with extra fiber.
  • If walking is part of your ‘feel like a kid again' plan, be sure to grab this free pedometer, from Nature's Bounty, to track your progress.
  • All that walking may cause chafing so be sure to have a sample of Anti-Chafing Gel, from Lanacane™, handy.
  • If acne breakouts are getting you down, a free sample of the new Oxy Clinical product might be right for you. Sample includes a face wash, hydrating therapy and clearing treatment.
  • While we're talking skin, you'll want to keep your youthful appearance with these Borba Skin Balance Aqualess Crystalline drink mixes.
  • Moving right along in our ‘feel like a kid again' plan…ladies, I know you'll want a free Jonas brothers calendar because they're just so “dreamy”. Talk about making you feel like a schoolgirl!
  • You're feeling like a million bucks now so you'll want to cook like a star too. Here's a free celebrity cookbook for you to download. Be sure to check out the heart trivet on the thankyou page!
  • In case you hit a few bumps on the road to youthfulness, be sure to have a supply of sample bandages on hand. You can get a few Nexcare bandage samples for emergencies.
  • Last, but certainly not least, for those days when you simply cannot deny your aging body (or incontinence), here's a sample of Attends.

All The Taste of Desserts Without the Calories – Free Gum Sample

Remember the earliest version of Willy Wonka, the one with Gene Wilder? The character, Violet, chewed gum all the time and she “tested out” an experimental gum that was a full course meal. I always thought that was so cool! Well, we haven't made it to a full course meal stage but it looks like Wrigley's is making progress. Their Extra Dessert Delights gum sounds scrumptious with flavors like Key Lime Pie, Mint chocolate Chip, and Strawberry Shortcake. If you'd like to get a free sample, just fill out the form on the Wrigley's site but act fast because the offer good until August 31, 2010!

Don't forget to add the code given at the bottom of the Wrigley page. 😉

Get Ready For Back To School With Coupon Savings

Hard to believe it's already time to shift gears and get ready for back to school. To help you make the transition a little easier, here are a few coupons that will help you save on popular household products.

Kellogg’s: $1/1 Kellogg’s Fiber Plus cereal
Miracle Whip: $1/1 Miracle Whip when you like them on Facebook
Newman’s Own Organics: $1/1 Soy Crisps and $0.75/1 Fig Newmans
Tombstone: $2/1 Tombstone frozen pizza when you submit a short “summer fun” story
Shout: $0.55/1 Shout Color Catcher
Wisk: $1/1 Wisk detergent

Back to School Ziploc Offers

Ziploc bags and containers are used for so many things, especially when it comes storing items for the kids. Teachers often request them to help with storage problems in the classroom. Moms use them when packing lunches and snacks. The list just goes on. If you think you'll need some extra zip bags or storage containers, you may want to dash on over to sign up for the Ziploc® Back-to-School Gift Pack. They are limiting it to the first 10,000 responders so…act fast if you'd like to get some free goodies in the mail.

And while we're talking about back to school containers for lunches, you may want to grab this back to school menu plan. You just need to add the UPC codes from any 2 Ziploc products.