PLR FAQ Report

There are so many questions surrounding PLR. This is partially because there are no hard and fast rules about it's use since the provider makes the rules. To help make PLR easier to understand, here is a wonderful free report that answers a huge number of the most asked questions.

*This is a report with affiliate links inside. If you share it, you should disclose that.

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2-4-6 For Health

What am I talking about? Hugs! According to many therapists, you need 2 hugs a day to survive, 4 for maintenance, and 6 to grow (numbers vary slightly.) For various reasons, there are many people who get 2 or less hugs a day and the kicker is that it may apply to people you know or work with every day.

Make it a point to participate in National Hugging Day, January 21, in whatever way you feel is appropriate. You can hug friends and family more, mail someone a “hug” card, email a symbolic ((((hug)))) or graphic, write about the need for hugs, or make a post about the different hug-styles. Download the following pdf and check out these resources for more ideas.

National Hugging Day website
The Importance of Hugs
Workplace Hugging Day

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Online Success – Melissa Ingold Story Transcript

We all need a little inspiration sometimes. This week, you can find that in the Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold interview. In this interview, Nicole talks with Melissa about everything from business strategies and success to the mistakes Melissa made. (Nope, she's not perfect, either.)

In short, you can get a very good picture of the woman behind the business and learn how to boost to your own business efforts by grabbing your copy of the interview transcripts. Oh, and by the way, inside the pdf, there is also a link you can visit to download the audio version.

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Free Printable Recipe Cards – Country Warmers

It's just so enjoyable to be able to sit and talk with friends and family over the holidays. It's even better if you you can share a hot drink that warms you, inside and out. And oh how the fragrance of orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices add a sense of comfort to the holiday.

If you struggle with finding a variety of yummy warm drinks to serve after playing outside or when doing holiday entertaining, you may want to pick up these recipe cards to add to your collection or share on your blog.

How To Say No Thanks To The Recession

The cold hard truth is that many of us have been affected by the recession. The uplifting part is that you can say “No,” to the recession with the help of this ebook. It has loads of information to help you out including:

  • Making Sales in Tough Times
  • Dealing with Change in a (Seemingly) Uncertain World
  • Your Press Release Stinks – and What to Do About It
  • Throw Away Your Fat Clothes – No Really, I'm Dead Serious

and much, much more!

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Special Kids Day

Wouldn't it be nice if every child could easily celebrate the holidays? Special kids (and their families) often find celebrating to be more difficult for a variety of reasons. That's why Special Kids Day, December 1, is so important.

Special Kids Day began as a holiday event for children with special needs to visit Santa Claus without obstacles. Since those early days, it has grown to be a non-profit organization that helps special kids and their families celebrate in environments designed to accommodate their special needs.

As you blog about home, family, and the holidays, keep these kids and families in mind. Here are a few resources for ideas:

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Toys for differently-abled kids – PDF available – Resources for special kids and families

Battling The Bullying Epidemic Free Report

The kids have been in school for several months now. They've met new friends and gotten re-acquainted with old friends. The problem is that some of the people they are dealing with may not include friends. They may be dealing with bullies as well.

We all like to think that “we would know” but the fact is that kids don't tell you about the bullies until the kids are stressed out, if then. Even if you don't suspect your child is having a problem with a bully, you owe it to your self and your child to know what to do…if. Here is a free report that will help you, your child, and your readers be prepared if you're faced with bullying.

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Free Jobs Online Report

If your readers include those who who would like to work from home or are just starting an online business, here is a free report you may want to share with them. The topics include:

Work-At-Home Jobs … What You Need To Know!
Three Steps to Getting a Work-At-Home Job
The Best Way to Avoid a Work-At-Home Job Scam
Cyber-Resumes for Work-At-Home Jobs
Companies that Frequently Hire
Telecommuting Job Sites

And the best part of this for you is that you can also rebrand this report with your ClickBank id. To get the report without an affiliate link download it from the link below. To get the brandable version, visit the Just Online Jobs affiliate center.

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Taking Stock Of Your Business – Free Tips

Do you ever feel like your business is floundering? Are you working so hard in your business that you forget to take stock of what's working and more importantly…what's not working? Most business owners forget this important key to success, at least for a little while. Whether you are just beginning your business or want to fine-tune it for even more success, these tips will help you to get on the right track. Feel free to share the sheet with your friends and readers.

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