Coffee And Tea Lovers Free Summer 2010 Printable Recipe Cards

Tired of the same old beverages? Want a few beverage recipes to help you get through the hot summer? Here are a few printable recipe cards that will fit the bill. In My Country Cookin 2010 Country Caffies, you'll find 4 ice-cold, thirst quinching recipes for coffee and tea lovers.

Grab a copy to print for yourself and feel free to share it with your readers.

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International Women’s Friendship Month

As women, it can difficult to find time for ourselves. The demands of daily life, work, and parenting seem to eat up all of our time. This means our friendships often suffer. We need to remember the important roles our women friends play in our lives and make time for these friendships.

Since September is Women's Friendship Month, now would be the perfect time to grow your friendships and help others do the same. Here are a few ideas you may want to blog about.

  • Online vs. offline friendships
  • Even friendships have lines that shouldn't be crossed.
  • Making new friends
  • Dos and Don'ts in any friendship
  • Knowing when to stay neutral
  • What to do when your friend drags you down.
  • How much is too much information to share?
  • Why do you consider your best friend “the best”?
  • Mixing friendships and business
  • Balancing friendship and home responsibilities
  • Showing appreciation
  • When you find out a “friend” really isn't a friend

There are oodles of more things you can write about. If you need more ideas, you may want to grab this free guide that is in the public domain, so you can even share it with your readers.

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Free Creative Management For Creative Teams

Whether you are a small business owner or the manager of any creative team it's likely that you didn't receive much training for dealing with the creative people. Even if you had some kind of training or experience, you probably don't get a lot of encouragement in your continued efforts to keep your team working together at peak efficiency.

To find out how to motivate your team and establish a working relationship where creativity flows, deadlines are met, and everyone feels good about their efforts, you really want to read over this free report, Creative Management For Creative Teams. When I read it, I found it to be very beneficial and changed the way I viewed certain things.

Grab copy to make a difference and feel free to share it with your readers. Who knows, we may get a whole world of businesses where “creative management” doesn't bring thoughts of stifling creativity and “difficult” people.

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Free Report Words That Say Buy

Words are important to your business, especially if you have an online business, where it can be harder to get your ideas across. This can be a real problem if you are trying to encourage people to buy from you. If you want to boost your sales, here is a free report that can help you tell your potential customers to buy, in no uncertain terms. Feel free to share this with your readers.

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Share The Micro-Script Rules Ebook

Don't let the title fool you. This ebook is not about Microsoft or anything techie. It's about those little phrases that we all have bouncing around in our heads. You know, the ones that are linked to products. Here are a few you may recognize. Just fill in the blank as you read.

What happens in Vegas_________.
Pork! It’s the other_________.
Wheaties! It’s the breakfast_____________.
Call Enterprise. We’ll_____________.
Friends don’t let friends______________.
The milk chocolate that melts____________ .
If you want to capture someone's attention, ______________.

Anyway, back to business. The Micro-Script Rules ebook tells you all about micro-scripts and how they can be used in word of mouth advertising. You'll learn what micro-scripts are as well as how they can make your business memorable and a huge success. This book has a lot going for it. Not only is it informative but it's also fun, which makes it all the more appealing. We'll definitely be adding it to our “must read” list!

Grab a copy for yourself and don't forget that you can upload it to your website to share with others too!

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Free Ebook How to Motivate Creative People Including Yourself

Are you in a leadership position – business owner, manager, coach, parent? You NEED this ebook by Mark McGuinness! It's a wonderfully insightful book about motivation and creativity. Whether you are trying to motivate your kids to do chores or your team members to think outside of the box, Mark's information will make it easier for you to get the job done.

It will help you:

  • Understand how motivation affects creativity
  • Get better work out of creative people
  • Avoid (inadvertently) crushing people’s motivation
  • Use rewards effectively
  • Understand and influence many different types of people.
  • Facilitate creative collaboration

If you are a creative person, it will help you:

  • Understand your creative process
  • Develop your creative talent
  • Find more satisfaction in your work
  • Influence other people
  • Develop your collaboration skills

One of the additional perks of downloading this ebook is you can upload it to your site to share it with others! See the limited restrictions inside the ebook.

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Free Ebook Internet Presence Important To Business And Life

You probably already know that having an online presence for your business is important. Did you know that it may be just as important to your daily life? This free to share ebook breaks the hows and the whys down for you with great examples. In short, it really gives you an eye opener when it comes to having an online presence! What to know what impressions your ‘lil old blog is giving about you and why it should matter?

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Free Ebook How To Present With Twitter

If you've ever attended a live seminar or presentation, you know that some presenters struggle with keeping their audience's attention. This report is a must read for anyone who hosts live presentations. It talks about how to create effective presentations, avoid Twitter and social media backlashes when things go wrong, and how to use social media to your advantage.

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Free Ebook The Ant King and Other Stories

If you're a sci-fi lover, you'll like this book. “The Ant King and Other Stories” features 17 wildly outlandish short stories about a world where impossible scenerios happen. From a woman who turns into hundreds of gumballs to an orange that rules the world, this book has it all.

The short stories are bizarre and dark, yet incredibly funny. They turn normal ideas upside down. As you read the stories, you are taken through a strange world that will tickle your imagination and keep you guessing at their odd, yet real conclusions.

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Free Ebook Seven Challenges Workbook

Do you struggle with making your point during conversations? Does cooperation seems non-existent in your life? It could be that you need to build your communication skills. Being able to effectively communicate at work, home and in community settings can lead to a lifetime of better cooperation, deeper connections and more satisfying conversations.

The Seven Challenges Workbook can help you build better communication skills for success at home and work. Each challenge tackles an essential part of good communication including listening skills, explaining your intent, expressing yourself, handling complaints and criticisms, asking questions, expressing appreciation and continued learning. Grab your free copy of The Seven Challenges Workbook today.

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