Writing, Poetry, Mom Expert available for guest blog posts

Do you need guest posts? I can blog about writing, blogging, cooking, poetry, parenting, kids, working at home, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and humor.

If you need a topic that isn't listed, let me know. I can usually write about most subjects.

You can contact me at http://dishwaterdreams.com/contact/.


Add Some WAHumor!

I'm Dan Reinhold of WAHumor.com, the work at home humor blog. If you work at home online and your blog is part of it, I'd like to guest post for you.

Some of my favorite topics include work/life balance, the challenges of working at home and finding humor in all kinds of situations. I'd be happy to tailor a post to your needs too!

Contact me at Dan(AT)WAHumor.com.


Parenting Autistic Children Expert Available for Guest Blogging

Connie Hammer of Parent Coaching for Autism is available for Guest Blogging. Connie is a MSW, consultant, parent educator and PCI certified parent coach who supports parents of young children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. From back to school challenges, social interaction, school success, potty training and many other topics, Connie is an excellent resource for parents of all children and especially children who are on the autism spectrum.

To contact Connie about guest blogging, please visit http://parentcoachingforautism.com/contact/.

Traffic For Mom, Family, and Foodie Websites

Do you need help getting traffic to your mom, family, parenting, kids or foodie/cooking website? Are most of your site visitors just reading and leaving instead of commenting and interacting? Here is a little something that may help you out.

I wear a lot of hats, as most of you do. One of my hats includes that of Online Business Manager. I have several clients who are interested in commenting on cool websites that are in the mom/family/parenting and food/cooking niches. Rather than just searching for sites on the web, I thought of all the great Blog Energizer member sites I've seen and how this could help you.

If you have a site that is in one of these niches and would like some additional help building your site up through comments, just let me know and I'll add your site URL to the list of preferred sites. To get your site on my master list, email me at The Virtual Peach using the “At Kit's Request” subject and you must include all of the following information:

  1. Blog Energizer (where you saw this offer)
  2. Your name
  3. Website name
  4. Website Url
  5. A brief description of the topics you cover
  6. Email where I, personally, can reach you if need be

Note: To be considered for the preferred list, ALL of the information above must be provided. To make things easier, you may want to just copy and paste the list above into your email and then answer each question. 😉

Thanks for your interest and willingness to help others! I look forward to hearing from you.

*Your email will not be shared.

Guest Articles From The Common Sense Guy

In case you haven't noticed, in your free 2010 Blogging Calendar we listed Use Your Common Sense Day (Nov. 4) as one of the items you can blog about. You can't get much cooler than that, right? Wrong.

What's even better is its creator, Bud Bilanich – The Common Sense Guy, has generously offered to write guest articles for your blog on the topic of career development and success. That's not all! He has also offered to write a special article which you can schedule for Use Your Common Sense Day.

You can take a look at his website to get a feel for what he can do. (Check out his impressive list of clients while you're there. 😉 ) If you think the topics would be a good fit for your blog audience, contact Bud to iron out the guest article details. Be sure to tell him that you're a BlogEnergizer member.

Harlequin Book For Review & Author For Interview

BETWEEN ME AND THE RIVER: Living Beyond Cancer: A Memoir by Carrie Host is available for review. The author is also reportedly available for interviews. Plus, the publicist is organizing a blog tour for this book. If interested, please review instructions and contact the publicist here.

Please help us preserve the quality of reviewers we send. We ask that you are serious in reviewing the product before submitting a request. This will help show marketers and publicist that we can be a valuable resource for them which in turn works out for us too.

Guest Author Re: Moms & Tech

Lynette is available to blog as a guest at 10 blogs. She can write about gadgets, tools, tech tips and help for moms and their family. She is looking for blogs who reach women in particular mothers or any age group and have been established for a year or longer. Please be aware that contributed posts may not be of an original topic but the post itself will be original. Also, the post may be re-written at a later date to appear elsewhere e.g. reports, emails, articles etc.

If you're OK with all of that, we'd love to contribute a post to your blog. Here's what you need to do first.

  1. Create an account for Lynette with the username: Lynette pw: momsgadgets
  2. After you have created the account, come back here to complete the form below to notify her your blog is ready for her post. Lynette will come by to write the post on a first come first serve basis. The form will cease to work after we have received 10 requests.

Affiliate Manager Coach Available For Interview

If you or your readers are interested in an alternative source of income or launching a new career, Angela Wills of Affiliate Manager Training School is available for interviews. Please contact Angela if you'd like to interview her. Tell her we sent you.

[hidepost]Premium members: Angela runs an affiliate program for her coaching program. If you're interested, sign up for the affiliate program here.[/hidepost]

Leading Healthy Living Expert Available For Interviews And Guest Articles

Everyone, from babies to business owners, is affected by stress. Whether you have a mom/family site or a business site, your readers can benefit from health-related, self-help, or stress-control topics. Can't speak beyond your own experiences? Don't let that stop you!

Contact the leading healthy living expert, Ronnie Nijmeh, of PLR.me, to help you out. Ronnie is THE go-to guy for universities, government agencies, and prominent organizations. Now, he is your go-to guy as well. Take advantage of this limited time offer by contacting him now.

To request an interview or guest articles, contact Ronnie here. As usual, be sure to let him know that you are a BlogEnergizer member.

In Demand WordPress Expert Available

One of the top, in-the-trenches WordPress experts, Cathy Perkins, of The WordPress Wizard, is available for interviews and as a guest article writer. If your website topics include blogging, WordPress, social media or anything related to them, Cathy can help cover your information and content needs.

Contact Cathy to take advantage of this great opportunity and be sure to include BlogEnergizer in your subject.