Looking for Blog Talk Radio Guests

I do a weekly show on Blog Talk Radio called “Find Your Spark”. I've interviewed bloggers, entrepreneurs, best-selling authors and celebrities about what they consider to be their special gifts and what inspires them to do what they do.

I'm currently booking guests for as early as next week, so if you're a blogger or entrepreneur who would like to be interviewed and featured on one of my blogs (http://bizmommy.com or http://whatmattersrightnow.com) please contact me at tisha@tishaberg.com asap and let me know. The show airs on Mondays at noon (PST).


Looking for Work at Home Moms to Feature

This is for a weekly feature on my blog called Biz Mommy of the Week and I'm looking to profile smart, interesting moms who have small or home-based businesses. I will provide a list of questions for the mom to answer in the featured post and I'll promote her site with a link and giveaway, contest or discount offer – whichever works best for her product or service.

If interested, you can contact me here.

Interview subjects for Blog Talk Radio show

Looking for guests to interview on Biz Mommy's Blog Talk Radio show “Find Your Spark”. Guests should ideally be women who are successfully balancing a home-based business with raising kids and running a household.

The show airs on Mondays at 10:30am PST at www.blogtalkradio.com/bizmommy.

Featured guests will be promoted on the Biz Mommy blog as well as on various social networks. Those with products to sell can also post a link to their sales page on the BTR site while the show is airing.

Traffic For Mom, Family, and Foodie Websites

Do you need help getting traffic to your mom, family, parenting, kids or foodie/cooking website? Are most of your site visitors just reading and leaving instead of commenting and interacting? Here is a little something that may help you out.

I wear a lot of hats, as most of you do. One of my hats includes that of Online Business Manager. I have several clients who are interested in commenting on cool websites that are in the mom/family/parenting and food/cooking niches. Rather than just searching for sites on the web, I thought of all the great Blog Energizer member sites I've seen and how this could help you.

If you have a site that is in one of these niches and would like some additional help building your site up through comments, just let me know and I'll add your site URL to the list of preferred sites. To get your site on my master list, email me at The Virtual Peach using the “At Kit's Request” subject and you must include all of the following information:

  1. Blog Energizer (where you saw this offer)
  2. Your name
  3. Website name
  4. Website Url
  5. A brief description of the topics you cover
  6. Email where I, personally, can reach you if need be

Note: To be considered for the preferred list, ALL of the information above must be provided. To make things easier, you may want to just copy and paste the list above into your email and then answer each question. 😉

Thanks for your interest and willingness to help others! I look forward to hearing from you.

*Your email will not be shared.

Wanted – Guest humorist to join our team

Ken Main here, producer and co-host of the inexplicably popular weekly comedy podcast (audio) You Can't Make It Up! (www.2KensComedy.com). We are always looking for hosts of a similar show and/or blogger to join us from time to time to offer his/her best examples of people, celebrities, companies, or governments who exceed all human standards in their display of abject stupidity. In other words, if breathing were not an involuntarily act, these folks would probably be dead. (Ya gotta listen and read our blog-show notes to know what we mean!) In return, we guarantee our loyal fans will head on over to YOUR show and/or blog because, just like potato chips and Reese's peanut butter cups, nobody can consume just one of these!

Requirements: must have Skype installed (to join us on our show) and must be available at 7 a.m. Eastern on Mondays. That's when we pre-record each week's show. Also must be semi-conscious at that hour! Please contact me by email. ken@2kenscomedy.com.


Editor's Note: Some topics or images on this site may not be suitable for young children.

WAHM Interview Subjects Wanted

Work at Home and Stay at Home Moms live in isolation for long periods of time. Everyday life spent mostly with little people and a lack of adult interaction on its own can be tough on moms.

Add financial, health, family or relationship problems and these moms go beyond feeling isolated – they become desperate for support and friendship.

Thank God for the internet! What would we do without the friendships and sense of community that we find online?

We are seeking WAHMs with stories to tell about support and encouragement they found through online friendships with other women.

If you're interested in being included, please email a brief synopsis of your story along with your name, email and phone number to mom@momstalknetwork.com

If we want to explore your story we will contact you for a telephone interview. We will then write your story using the recording and notes from this conversation. You will have an opportunity to read and approve your story before it goes to print.

Your story, if accepted, will be included in a printed book. If your story is used, we'll send you three free copies of the book & a $50 Mom's Talk Biz gift certificate as our thank you for your participation.

Story submission deadline: November 5, 2009

Kelly McCausey, Project Editor
Mom's Talk Network

Affiliates Wanted For Resources4Marketers

Resources4Marketers.com has been running for nearly a year now, but we've only recently finalized our affiliate program.

Our latest product offering is a massive Halloween package, which includes several brand-new products.

If you are interested in promoting this and other products, please consider joining us as our affiliate – 51% commission (through Clickbank) on all sales.

If you have questions, please contact me at writercheryl(at)gmail.com

Affiliate sign up page is www.resources4marketers.com/affiliates.htm

Cheryl Wright

Need People To Review Christmas Ebooks

I have written three Christmas ebooks and need more reviews for them.

Each product is available through my affiliate program (50% commissions via Clickbank), so this could result in future sales, as well as visitors/backlinks to your site.

The three books are:

Christmas Recipes for Busy Moms
Kids in the Christmas Kitchen
Caring for Pets at Christmas

More information for each book can be found here: http://www.christmas-ideas-store.com

I am providing review copies to a maximum of five people for each book, and need the reviews back no later than November 10.

If you are interested and can complete your review within the time-frame, please contact me at writercheryl(at)gmail.com

Thanks for your consideration.

Cheryl Wright

Looking For True Stories Of Domestically Challenged Moms

In preparation for an upcoming teleseminar, I’m putting together a free, viral report to promote it. I’m looking for moms willing to share their oddest or funniest example of just how domestically challenged they are (or were).

For example – I once spent two-hours in the middle of the night looking inside and outside for my cat. I just couldn’t find her! Turns out, she had created a secret nest and had herself hidden in the piles of clutter I had in my hallway.

So, have you had to go to the store to buy your husband underwear because there wasn’t any clean? Have you ignored the doorbell because you didn’t want anyone to come into your home because of the mess? Share your story!

I’m looking for one or two paragraphs for each “Domestically Challenged Mom”. Your picture can be included and link love will be provided. Anonymous entries can also be submitted – I’ll just use your first initial and state.

Everyone who submits a story that is used in the report will receive a copy of The Household Helper’s Guide To Home Organizing. Please submit your story using this form.

Entries are due no later than Tuesday September 29th by Noon.

Thank you!
Cara Mirabella

Harlequin Book For Review & Author For Interview

BETWEEN ME AND THE RIVER: Living Beyond Cancer: A Memoir by Carrie Host is available for review. The author is also reportedly available for interviews. Plus, the publicist is organizing a blog tour for this book. If interested, please review instructions and contact the publicist here.

Please help us preserve the quality of reviewers we send. We ask that you are serious in reviewing the product before submitting a request. This will help show marketers and publicist that we can be a valuable resource for them which in turn works out for us too.