Emergency Information Guide And Cards

Over the past year we've seen a lot of bad weather around the world. While most of us haven't had to face disasters, per se, we know the potential is always there. The floods, ice and snow storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes can catch us unaware.

Most people aren't prepared for even small emergencies which leave them without electricity or water for a week, much less for a month. The chaos is even worse if you have to leave your home quickly. If that happens, you have to make sure you take the most important things with you. But, when you're in a state of panic, you probably won't be able to think clearly. That's why you should make a plan and get everything together now.

Preparing for an emergency at home is a matter of collecting the appropriate things for survival. Preparing for the possibility that you will have to leave your home is a matter of collecting information. Here is a printable guide with emergency cards from Prepare Then Share that you can fill out and share with each family member, in case you get separated.