ExploraTree When A Plain List Is Not Enough

We've all made lists – plain lists, checklists, detailed outlines, etc. Sometimes, these lists just aren't enough to get the full picture. This is especially true with business and education concepts. That's where ExploraTree comes in. It is a free online program that allows you to create or fill in ready-made “thinking guides” or mindmaps.

With ExploraTree you can:

  • Use their ready-made thinking guides
  • Make a new thinking guide from scratch
  • Use it to set class projects
  • Print them out (they can go as big as A0)
  • Change and customize thinking guides, you can add or change text, shapes, images etc.
  • As a teacher, trainer, or coach, you can set up the sequence that you want the thinking guide to be revealed in, so that you can stage the thinking activity
  • You can fill in a thinking guide and complete your project on the website
  • You can present your project
  • You can send your thinking guide to a whole group of people
  • You can submit a thinking guide for comments, so it can't be edited but just reviewed
  • Work in groups on the same thinking guide

Check out the ready-made guides and get more info here.