Families and Foodies – 35 Free Dried Fruit Recipe Books

Raisins are a nice way to add a serving of fruit to your diet. From breakfast to dinner, and everything in between, you can find recipes that include raisins. For example, this free Fruit & Sunshine Recipes book has some nice raisin recipes that you can incorporate into any meal plan.

Want more than the 17 recipes that are included in the above book? Sun-Maid has been sharing their raisin and dried fruit recipes with families since 1912, almost 100 years. In celebration, they have created a collection of 34 free recipe books that span (to date) from 1915 to 2007.

Do you have a foodie site? In addition to downloading these for yourself, you may want to write about how things have changed for recipes and homes in the last 100 years. Use the images and information in the 100 years of recipes collection to give you ideas and don't forget to check out the goodies in their press kit.