It can be hard to keep track of the many things you have to do as a blogger. That's why, we created this bundle of free checklists for bloggers. Here's what you will find...

List Building Checklist: Breaks down all the different steps you need to take to create a free item, the pages you need to create, emails you should write, and freebie promotion tasks.

Monetization Checklist: Includes tasks you need to take to monetize old posts, new posts, emails, "invisible screens", and tasks for writing great reviews that make money.

Publishing Checklist & 30-Day Tracker: A handy checklist to have every time you write a post to ensure each post covers all the bases, such as readability, social media, and search engine friendliness. The 30-Day Tracker gives you a snapshot how often you post, how often it is shared, how much engagement you do in your community, how often you make a sale.

Checklist Groupshot

Each checklist comes in full color and black & white too if you need to save ink when printing. They also have extra spaces for you to add your own tasks.

If you're just getting started... you need this bundle so you won't waste time figuring out what to do.

If you've been spinning your wheels... these checklists will give you a pathway to follow to get out of the rut.

If your blog never took off... get this checklist so you don't waste anymore time figure out the next steps.

This is it. There's no better time than now to start. Today IS the day.