Free Childrens Books By Hans Wilhelm

One of the problems I find with my favorite children's books is that quite a few of them are no longer in print. Hans Wilhelm has come to the rescue and done something that I think more authors should do. As a thank you to all his loyal readers, teachers, and parents he is providing a free pdf download of all of his out of print books! This is great news for a whole new generation of children. It's also great for publicity and his books that are still in print.

Whether you are a parent or teacher, you'll enjoy the picture books and young-reader books Hans has listed on his website, Children's Books Forever. If you have a parenting or family site, you may want to download a couple and write about your experience and then direct your readers to Hans site.

From a business owner's perspective, you may want to write about all the good will and publicity this simple act is going to generate for the author. Check out his mission statement to get more details.