Free Dads Playbook: Coaching Kids To Read

For so long, reading to the children was “mom's job” but times are a-changing! Dads are in there reading away too! You just don't hear about it as much. It's about time dads get more recognition for reading to their kids and teaching them how to read.

Want to inspire a dad to read to the kids? Need to give Dad some pointers? Grab your copy of Dads Playbook: Coaching Kids To Read, from the National Institute For Literacy. In this report you'll find out how 20 dads help their kids learn to read as well as pointers for dads (and others) when reading to kids.

Note: The link to this pdf is a bit difficult to find on the publications page so we included the direct link above. If you'd like to link to the publication page, you can find the pdf by clicking on the “view full list” tab at the bottom of the Publications for Parents section.

Blog/Business Ideas: This is great when used in conjunction with International Literacy Day (Sept. 8.) posts. You could use it to jump-start conversations about the differences in how moms and dads interact while reading aloud to kids, what's special about the way dads read/interact, dads perspective (what's hard, easy, the most fun part, etc.) and a bazillion other things.