Free Parental Stress Line Magnet

I don't need to tell you that parenting is very rewarding; however, there may be times when you are so frustrated, you could just pull your hair out. Talking to someone who really listens and understands your frustrations can make a huge difference in your life. If that someone can also help you decide what to do about your specific problem, that's even better. Whether you just want to vent or are searching for options, the folks on the Parental Stress Line will listen and help.

You don't have to be in crisis to give them a call! If you are stressed over child discipline; babies who won't go to sleep; single parent issues; problems with special needs children; marital problems; out of control teens; disagreements with a spouse; or anything that frustrates you as a parent, just give them a call, 24/7. To help you remember that you aren't alone, you can request a free magnet with the Parental Stress Line number on it.