Free Sample Of Abuelita Granulado With A Twist

Like hot cocoa but need a change of pace? You can get a free sample of Abuelita Chocolate, one of Nestle's newest products. It has a unique blend of cocoa, vanilla, and cinnamon flavors. If you are Hispanic or have spent time in Mexico, you may already be familiar with Abuelita. For those of you who have never heard of it, there may be a great blogging or learning opportunity for you as well.

As I read through the information about this product, I thought of all sorts of ways that you could incorporate the chocolate's history into blog posts and even your child's education. For example, you could blog about it's history and the “face of Abuelita”, Sara García. If you grab a sample (English version), you could include it as you teach your child about Mexico or the Spanish language. There are even recipes (in English and Spanish) which could help with practical educational activities.

Whether you want to break out of the “plain” hot cocoa rut or incorporate it into a learning experience, you can grab your free sample of Abuelita Chocolate to get started.