Fun With Readers And Not-Me, Ida-Know, Nobody

If you are (or were) a fan of the comic Family Circus, you're probably familiar with the kids frequently spilling, breaking, or making a mess. When asked who did it, the kids would say, “Not Me,” “Ida Know,” or “Nobody,” the invisible gremlins in their home. What brought this memory up? We found another cool activity/holiday for you called Blame Someone Else Day held on August 13, 2010.

You may want to incorporate this in your posts. To get readers involved, come up with several fun niche-related topics that would mention blaming someone else. For example, foodie folks could ask, “Who would you blame for a meal gone wrong?” Moms, you could ask your readers, “How many times a day do they hear, “Not Me?” You get the picture.

By the way, if we stirred up memories of Family Circus, you may want to visit their site here.