Get Yo Sef Ready Fer Sadie Hawkins Day

It's a shame that comics aren't as popular today as they were in the past. Back in the dark ages, ok…when I was a little girl, reading the Sunday comics was a tradition and created many wonderful memories. Even though we read the comics, they were even more popular during my mother's youth (or your grandmother's younger years.)

One of the most popular comics, way back when, was Lil' Abner.  Lil' Abner was also a hillbilly in the comic of the same name. That's where Sadie Hawkins Day and Sadie Hawkins dances originated, in the comic. Supposedly, it was a day when the girls took the lead and chased the boys. In real life, people celebrated by holding a dance and the girls asked the boys to dance.

There aren't so many of these dances held now but you can see how one lil' ol' comic changed the nation. Since November 6th is Sadie Hawkins Day, you may want to get your lil' ol' posts ready and cover topics such as:

  • Does reality mimic fiction or does fiction mimic reality?
  • Would you encourage your daughter to ask boys out? Does it matter today?
  • How have other comics influenced today's culture – Superman and Wonder Woman, for example?
  • Why did people gravitate towards Sadie Hawkins Day back in the early 40's and 50's?
  • In what areas do women still take a back seat to men?