Guest Articles From The Common Sense Guy

In case you haven't noticed, in your free 2010 Blogging Calendar we listed Use Your Common Sense Day (Nov. 4) as one of the items you can blog about. You can't get much cooler than that, right? Wrong.

What's even better is its creator, Bud Bilanich – The Common Sense Guy, has generously offered to write guest articles for your blog on the topic of career development and success. That's not all! He has also offered to write a special article which you can schedule for Use Your Common Sense Day.

You can take a look at his website to get a feel for what he can do. (Check out his impressive list of clients while you're there. 😉 ) If you think the topics would be a good fit for your blog audience, contact Bud to iron out the guest article details. Be sure to tell him that you're a BlogEnergizer member.