Guest Author Re: Moms & Tech

Lynette is available to blog as a guest at 10 blogs. She can write about gadgets, tools, tech tips and help for moms and their family. She is looking for blogs who reach women in particular mothers or any age group and have been established for a year or longer. Please be aware that contributed posts may not be of an original topic but the post itself will be original. Also, the post may be re-written at a later date to appear elsewhere e.g. reports, emails, articles etc.

If you're OK with all of that, we'd love to contribute a post to your blog. Here's what you need to do first.

  1. Create an account for Lynette with the username: Lynette pw: momsgadgets
  2. After you have created the account, come back here to complete the form below to notify her your blog is ready for her post. Lynette will come by to write the post on a first come first serve basis. The form will cease to work after we have received 10 requests.