Ham It Up On The Holidays

Turkey, turkey, and more turkey! Do you eat turkey on the holidays until you think you may just grow feathers or start gobbling? One solution is to ham it up on the holidays. No, I don't mean be silly but that may be an option too. Try adding a second kind of meat to your holiday meal. It may help spice up your dinner table and satisfy guests who just don't like or feel in the mood for turkey.

Baked ham is one of the meats that many families serve. The honey baked, spiral cut kind is a family favorite and easy to serve. If you already plan on serving ham or want to give it a try this year, you can grab a couple of coupons to get a nice deal. Here is a general coupon for $10 off HoneyBaked Hams. You can find local coupons too. Just enter your state to view even more deals…including some for turkey!

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