Help Blog Energizer Donate 8000 Bowls of Food

Oh yes. This one is from us. Right now, we have 905 basic members and counting. Thank you ALL.

We are however, a very ambitious group and we are really hoping to reach 2000 members by the end of the year. When we reach our goal, we will donate 8000 bowls of Food together with Feeding America & Kraft Foods.

Whoa! 2000. Can we do it? I'm confident, Yes! With your help. You already know and enjoy the cool things we find for you to blog about and places to promote your blog. All you need to do is spread the word.

Blog about it, email it, Twitter it, share it on Facebook. Tell your fellow bloggers, to join us. Send them to It's free for you and free for them. Together we can fill some empty stomachs. Will you help us?

P/S: If you are an affiliate, feel free to use your affiliate link. If not and you wish to me, you can sign up here.