Hot Topics, Week 16, 2009

Provenge prostate cancer data – this is getting a lot of interest. Dendreon Corp, the biotech company holds a conference call with investors today (Tuesday, April 14th) to discuss results of their study on treatment of Prostate Cancer. The company hopes to have their drugs approved by the FDA but FDA has so far declined.

Airplane passenger saves the day – we could use more positive things to talk about these days. Well this is one. A passenger with help of air traffic control, landed a small plane safely after the pilot died from a heart attack after take off. There's a story we could tell here. It's a testament to the passenger's cool and willingness to step up to the plate. Great topic for business blogs. In a life and death situation, it's hard not to do anything but on the other hand, some people are paralyzed by fear when others need them most. Which are you? Write about it and invite your readers to share their experiences or write about inspiring leaders who did the right thing in tough times.

Conficker virus morphing – This is a computer worm which was highly publicized prior to April 1st because it was believed the worm would cripple many computers around the world. Well the day went by pretty quietly. Now experts say the worm is morphing and masquerading as an antivirus program called Spyware Protect 2009. Worse, this is not just a virus. They claim it will be used to dupe you into giving them your credit card number. Spread the news to help your readers protect their information and computers.

Taxes – it's crunch time for tax payers in the U.S. Here are some last minute topics you can cover. How to file an extension, software they can use and what to do if they cannot pay.

It's a small world after all – and Disney knew what they were talking about. This poster is getting alot of Diggs. Makes for interesting blog conversation. The poster shows how large – or small if you prefer – Earth is, compared to the planets in our solar system and beyond. Really puts things into perspective. We think it can be applied to life challenges too. Sometimes we feel we are so stuck and our problems are tremendously large but if we take time to put things into perspective, they aren't as big as we imagine and can be overcome.

Twitter – made it into the top 20 search terms on Yahoo! We all know how awesome Twitter is. Maybe because NYT did a piece on it this week and outlined the real value of Twitter. So why not give a short how to and what to do's about Twitter for your audiences? Don't forget to Tweet the post and invite people to follow you. And incidentally, are you following Lynette? 🙂

That's why mama says don't judge a book by its cover – Susan Boyle totally floored everyone during Britain's Got Talent (like American Idol) everyone was laughing at her but look who's laughing now. Fabulous and moving video to boot that you can share with your readers. Parent bloggers, this is a good way to bring up the ways parents can talk to kids about judging others too. Susan Boyle Sings on Britain's Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 @ Yahoo! Video

Earth Day – is next week, 22nd of April. Good time to think up of a whopper of a post for the day. Some ideas – make lists, focused lists about what people can do in their homes and everyday lives. How small changes make big differences. Or, how about a count down to Earth day with one tip/idea/challenge a day.