Hot Topics, Week 5

Wow, the first month of the year is already coming to an end. Wasn't that fast? If you have planned to make your blog a much more active place this year I hope we've managed to help you fill a few posts. I have a few questions to put to you at the end. Meanwhile, here's what is hot this week.

New Year All Over Again – Did you know that a large number of people are celebrating the Lunar New Year today? Commonly also referred to as Chinese New Year, it is celebrated by the Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Japanese and many other Asian countries. That's a lot of people! This is the year of the Ox. Take some time to wish your readers a Happy Lunar New Year, they will be thrilled! There are also other things you can blog about like how the year of the Ox is predicted to look for you and just general learning about the culture. Great post for those who home school. Here are some links that might be of interest.


More Job Losses – Pfizer buys Wyeth and cuts jobs, Caterpillar is shedding some too including Microsoft, Home Depot and Sprint Nextel. Certainly not a bright way to start the week. While it is certainly not a time to rejoice, we feel bloggers can develop several story angles from this.

Create a blog series about dinners you can serve a family of four for $5, or a series about what costs can be slashed from a typical family's expenses, or a series about how to recycle/re-use something people would normaly throw away.

If you blog about business, how to let go people with their dignities intact, how else you can cut costs, it is an employer's market now that we are flooded with a large number of workers – what would you offer? How to sustain sales, or go back to older posts about starting a business.

FLOTUS? – This came up as a hot search term this week uh but what is FLOTUS? It is “First Lady Of The United States” Okay… a strange acronym indeed – what is becoming of the English language? Which makes a good blog post by the way and what about a post about communications – creating acronyms nobody understands or using too much jargon. Although got to admit this FLOTUS thing did make us stop to read the blog posts about it. So go ahead ! Take advantage of this.

American Library Association (ALA) Awards – ALA has announced a list of literary award winners for books, videos, audiobooks for adults and children. We think this would be list type post, add your own review if you have read the book and of course, a great way to slip in those affiliate links. Here's a link to the news story with the list of books that won the awards.

Resveratrol – over the weekend the search volume for this jumped after 60 Minutes did a show on it. Resveratrol is a substance found in red wine that researchers say slows down aging and also supposedly helps you curb the fat. We are not very medically or nutrition savvy here at Blog Energizer however, we feel this will make a super interesting post for foodies and natural moms. Here's a link to CBS's story about Resveratrol.

Now for our question. How would you like a to have topics suggestions automatically ‘pushed' to your blog daily as draft posts so you can quickly work on adding/editing them? Let us know know in the comments.