Hot Topics, Week 6, 2009

It's February! What will you be blogging about this month? Don't forget to check out the monthly downloads for this month's topic starters. Now for the hot and highly searched topics of this week.

Denny's is giving away a free breakfast all across the U.S. if you did not already know. Google trends tells us the search volume for “Denny's Free Grand Slam” and its variants reached volcanic levels. Besides sharing the deal, here's what else you can write about.

  • Preparing your sites for major traffic. Apprently, was down for many people.
  • Are super expensive commercials worth it?
  • What other ways can you promote your blog without super bowl sized budgets?

Facebook to make money from your info? This article appeared yesterday and has already gained a lot of Diggs. According to the Telegraph, Facebook has been quietly testing ‘Engagement Ads' and are hoping to release them in Spring. Basically, they will show you ads based on your profile and answers you supply to questions in your profile. For maketers, this may mean laser targetting users which of course makes ads more relevant and that's what most people want right? Right? But… what do you think? Would you be happy or angry about this? Would your readers welcome more relevant offers?

Flowers, flowers and more flowers. With less than 2 weeks left to Valentines day, it seems that searches are already beginning to pick up for “FTD Florists” a good time to make lists of great Valentines gifts that link to affiliate programs you participate in. Consider also a list of ideas that don't cost any money or are under $X. If you blog for business, what advise can you offer your readers to take advantage of Valentines?

Micheal Phelps – so, a picture of him smoking marijuana leaked out. His press folks went to work quickly and already he's issued an apology. What do you and your readers think? Should there be more accountability than just an apology or is this just making a mountain out of a molehill? Is this a good or bad role model for children?

Frugal dinners – Yes, we already brought this up – blog about frugal meal preps? Well now we have ‘proof' such topics do work right now. We found this article to be heavily bookmarked across several social bookmarking sites. From Digg to Delicious.