Hot Topics Week of December 1st, 2008

It's December folks and the first day of the last month of this year happens to be…

Cyber Monday – wow. Great time to talk about what deals are out there, put out your very own deals if you have a product. Don't forget your affiliate links if you're promoting any deals. Alternatively, we could talk about spending wisely on Cyber Monday and how not to get sucked into sales that aren't really good deals if people took the time to investigate it deal. I think that is a great topic for the rest of the 24 days counting down to Christmas.

Talking about Cyber Monday, people are still talking about the tragic Black Friday accident at Wal-Mart where a worker was killed. Very sad indeed. What does this say of us as a nation? What should businesses do to ensure safety of workers and shoppers alike? More news reports for your reference can be found here:

Meanwhile, with the holidays coming up, don't be surprised to see more product related hot topics. One such that popped up this week is the video game Guitar Hero and Nintendo's WII. If your blog is about games, teens, parenting this is a good one to talk about.

World AIDS Day – on a more somber note, world health. Today is World AIDS day. It's been two decades, we have come far but still not conquered this deadly disease. If you'd like to make a difference, you could go to Bloggers Unite to participate in their program for the day. Donate and encourage others to donate at AMFAR, the foundation for AIDS research. For editorials to read, comment on and expand upon, this one on CNN is a good one.

World Clock – for some reason, this world clock has turned up on our radar screen, catching a bit of buzz. It's certainly a very interesting clock. It tells you the world population right now, how many births taking place right now, the global temperature, HIV infections, Abortions, Oil/cars/bicycles produced, traffic accidents and other such data. There's something to be blogged about in there for sure.

Alcohol calculatorthis turned up on our hot topic radar too. Great for those with health and general blogs. You enter what alcoholic drink you've taken last night and it calculates how many calories you've consumed and what foods that is equivalent to.

Web site usability testing guide – those of you who build web sites, blog about web development or web businesses, this is a good one to talk about. This is a 5 page article guide about what you should test on your web site. Do the test. Do you pass? Hope so. You could also challenge your readers to it and help them improve their own blogs / web sites.

Digital trails and privacy – In our age, it is so easy to forget every blog post we make, every tweet we post on Twitter, every comment we make on others' blogs leaves a trail but that's not all. Great article on privacy and digital trails at NY Times and it's generating quite a bit of links and buzz to it. What you could blog about – your own trails, your childrens' trails, is this something you can prevent, minimize or do we just throw our hands up in the air and accept it. If you own a business, how do you feel about it as a business owner and a consumer of technology?