Hot Topics Week of December 8th, 2008

Happy week everyone. The following are buzz topics that lots of bloggers are talking about recently.

Louisiana elects first Vietnamese-American to Congress – pretty exciting news for a political blogger. Even if you're not one there are still different angles one can cast with this topic. Not forgetting, Obama named retired Gen. Eric K. Shinseki as his secretary of Veterans Affairs recently. Links of interest

Google phone for developers. Google is allowing developers to purchase an unlocked version of the Android phone at $399 including free shipping. Official blog post about this release is here.

Walmart to sell iPhones – Big consumer and tech news. Apple has long been notoriously strict about their distribution channels. Especially the iPhones but now Walmart is slated to start selling iPhones. Apple may offer the discontinued 4GB version for sale at Walmart for $99. Big story from Bloomberg here.

Happiness contagious – British Medial Journal research says that people's happiness is influenced by the happiness of their immediate acquaintances. In many ways this is no surprise remember the saying to stay away from negative and toxic people? So there – blog about it, write a happy post, do something that makes you and others happy and spread the cheer.

Link to this topic: Understanding social network analysis.

Google Friend Connect – this is supposed to connect all the blogs and social networks you are in. If you have a blog, you can allow your visitors to sign in with their Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account and literally ‘friend' your readers like a mini social network. Google Friend Connect does all the heavy lifting. You only need to copy and paste the gadgets. This is a YouTube video how that works. I'll probably test this on my TechBasedMarketing and MomsGadgets blog soon.

Friend Connect URL:

How long – this is an really interesting picture to blog about. These days when you search for something the search engines will try to anticipate the phrase you're trying to look up. Some of this is based on the search engine's data like most searched and some on your own search habits. Click to view larger picture. Right click to download this picture to your computer and re-upload to your blog is you blog about it.

Nintendo DS Scrabble game swears – A mom in the UK was horrified when the Scrabble game on her son's Nintendo DS started spouting out some unsavory words to say the least. Maybe something to avoid this Christmas? Or another good blogging point – what happened to playing Scrabble with your kids?

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