Hot Topics Week of Nov 18, 2008

Whoa! This week was definitely interesting and it all started on a Sunday when hot topics are usually rather slow to build. Anyway, here's what we found out.

MotrinMom issue – this is almost an all out war. The story is, the company put out an ad over on their website about how it could hurt for some moms when they carry their baby using a sling – the often used term for this is wearing your baby. If you need a YouTube to that video it is here

The uproar is tremendous! Many are offended and some just don't see the big deal about it all. Even dads jumped on board this discussion. If you're in business or have a business to business blog there's lots to blog about here too. I've just heard that Motrin took down their ad and put up an apology. That in itself could also be another blog post. Spin off topics, why mommys are at war, what makes parenting so competitive, why sweat the small stuff type posts. Places you can get more chatter/links/videos about the issue.

November is National Novel Writing Month – so we're a little late in here but this topic is getting a lot of chatter on Twitter. Check out NaNoWriMo and the official web site.

Adobe to demo Flash player on Windows Mobile Devices on Monday but nothing for iPhone users. I'm sure there's lots to talk about if you're an iPhone user or blogger. Nice newsy item for any blog really especially if you use either a Windows Mobile phone. or iPhone. Sources:

Mark Cuban charged with Insider Trading by SEC – on the sale of That pretty much sums it all. Source: The Standard

Miley Cyrus dead hoax – from what we know, this started on YouTube. Not sure if this is the official video but one of those that perpetuated the hoax for sure. Lots can be blogged about on this even if you're not in entertainment/celebrities. How fast rumors spread now, how it becomes harder for people to sort out what is real and what's not with the power of the Internet etc.

Paint by number toilet paper – what the?? Seriously folks, this could be quite a hilarious post. I wonder what we're supposed to paint with 😉 Off the cuff, pretty funny high probability of getting some people out to comment. Got lots of Diggs. Here's the image.