Hot Topics Week of November 24, 2008

Here we go for this week folks.

Blackberry Storm – this is BlackBerry's first touch screen smart phone and it has already been compared to the iPhone. Lots of people waiting on this one, lots of talk on it too. The Storm is set to release today in Netherlands and in the US, buyers are on a wait list. Some useful links for research

Facebook's failed efforts to buy Twitter – two big social networks. But Twitter rejected Facebook's proposal. Apparently there are also some companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Verizon who are interested in Twitter. Some useful links about the failed deal.

Twilight – This Vampire love story movie opened strong last weekend, surprising many for a relatively low budget, independently produced movie. Great write up about this movie here.

Gmail themes – of course last week, Gmail rolled out themes and colors which took many by surprise. Official blog post about that is here. May be a good how to tutorial or video opportunity.

How blogs get started (funny picture) – last week, members really enjoyed the funny picture and requested we keep the pictures coming. This week, I found this picture (below) that had quite a bit of buzz. It's titled How Blogs Get Started. Kinda funny and very true and the exact problem we try to cure here at Blog Energizer 😉 By the way, you know you can make your membership free right? By referring two premium members, your own membership will be free. Join our affiliate program, blog about this picture and tell people how we can help cure that ailment.

Creative marketing/advertising – This is a great photo that generated a lot of interest among commenters. click image to see a larger image and download.

The white sign says “Do not post pictures of this onto the Internet” and it has a bunch of seemingly nonsense code at the bottom. Apparently, it is an encrypted code that leads people to a job ad for pbwiki. If you go to and enter the code without spaces, you'll see “Result:”. A nice way of making sure your ad reaches the right people and filtering out the rest. Quite smart.

*Important note about pictures: Please do not link to the pictures directly. We have turned on hotlinking and it may not work. Instead, download it and upload it to your blog

Medicare pays for drugs that are not FDA approved – on the health front, there are millions of Americans taking medications that aren't FDA approved but Medicare still pays for them. Expose stories an be found on.

Also… hot key phrases this week are:

  • weight loss ideas
  • traditional thanksgiving dinner
  • black friday sales