How Rude

Remember the show “Full House” where the middle daughter, Stephanie frequently used the phrase “How rude?” It was a cute catch phrase but the fact is that “rude” is becoming the normal. You see it almost every where you go. Can you remember the last time a sales person was rude to you? How about the last time you overheard a teen being disrespectful to an adult? Have you recently caught yourself thinking, “If I had done that, my mom (dad) would have had a fit.” You aren't alone, if your answer was yes to any of these questions.

To get back on track, today's parents and grandparents may want to take note of Childrens' Good Manners Month (Sept.). It can be a great time to focus on teaching and practicing manners, but it shouldn't stop there. Good manners should be taught and practiced throughout life.

So what can you do on your blog to help children and adults focus on good manners? Here are a few ideas.

  • Post a good manners tip every day or week.
  • Talk about the manners your parents stressed.
  • Ask readers about their child's manners/etiquette pet peeve. Mention yours.
  • Discuss “new manners” have developed due to technology.
  • Find out what manners your readers think are most important.
  • Discuss what manners you need to work on to lead by example. Ask readers what they need to work on.
  • Blog about what manners should be taught  at each age level.

Need more ideas? Check out Emily Post for kids and Miss Manners' columns on MSN