How to Get Your Fall Cleaning Under Way

Blog about having to face changing seasons and how to clean according to those seasons. Give tips and advice on how to pack up patio cushions and furniture so that they are ready and raring to go next summer. Give tips such as including a dryer softener sheet or two into the plastic bag in which you store your patio furniture. This gives it a nice clean scent and helps keep the musties away. Also, give tips on spraying a little fabric spray on to the cushions and let them dry before storing in the plastic bags. Offer advice on cleaning those ceiling fans, light fixtures, and china closets in the most speedy and efficient manner. For example, if you have to skimp on the regular cleaning one weekend to get your fall cleaning done, don’t fret. The dust will wait for you next week. That’s a guarantee. Give tips on how to offer incentives for the rest of the family to pitch in and help. After all, if the chores get done sooner, you can all go out to dinner sooner, as well.