How to Make a Holiday Checklist that Works

Create a blog post about creating a checklist that works for hosting Thanksgiving meals. Give tips and advice on creating the list not as one big to-do list which will make any individual crazy; however, to create it in blocks. For example, when it comes to cleaning, have one checklist for cleaning and for cooking have another. The same thing goes for having a baking checklist. In this manner, you have your things to do organized in such a manner that you will more than likely accomplish one task at a time rather than be overwhelmed by them all at the same time. Also, give yourself a certain amount of time for each thing on your holiday checklist. For example, give yourself forty-five minutes to clean out your china closet to make it shine. After that time is up, go on to the next item on your list – no matter what. You will be amazed at how timing yourself, makes you get things done.