How to Save Money on Food Every Month

Blog about how to save money on food each and every month. Give tips and advice on how to do it. For example, offer advice about having a list and sticking to it. Don't veer from the list. Sometimes buying things on sale that you do not need may save you money a year from now, but you need to save that money now. Only buy what you need no matter how good the sale item looks. That item will be on sale again when you need it, not just want it. If you use a credit card look for a card that has a cash back incentive that puts money in your pocket when you spend on things such as groceries. Believe it or not coupons do save money if you use them correctly. Only clip the coupons for what you need, but if there is something on sale and you have a double coupon then go for it. Buy the store brand instead of name brand. Chances are you won't even notice a difference.