Join Me on the Bridge to Celebrate International Women’s Day

To honor the resilience of millions of women survivors of war around the world, Women for Women International is hosting a global campaign called Join me on the Bridge on International Women's Day: March 8, 2010.

On that day, we are asking you to stand alongside the women in Congo, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Sudan, and Nigeria, in peace, to demand an end to war and to demonstrate that women can build the bridges to peace and development.

At the same time and in solidarity, we will bring women (and men!) together on bridges throughout the world, creating a truly global movement that says NO! to war and YES! to peace and hope. Events are being scheduled on March 8 in London and New York. If you can't attend these events, please consider joining the Virtual Bridge.

The Virtual Bridge is a free Facebook event asking you to say yes to peace and say no to war. We are calling women from all over the world, and the men that support them, – wherever you are – to Join us on the Bridge by posting a comment, writing or drawing on your Facebook wall on March 8th. Let's create a Virtual Bridge!

Invite your friends and family to this event. Let's stretch ourselves out over the biggest bridge there is – the World Wide Bridge!

You can join this event or find more information here. If you'd like more information on International Women's Day, please see this video.

Thank you and I hope to see you all there!
Tracy Morrow