Keep Kids From Missing Out On Basic Fun

Sometimes I hear the older generations talk about all the things they did outside as children and it sounds like so much fun. With our children spending so much time in school, in extra-curricular activities, and indoors, they may be missing out on the basic fun that their grandparents (or great-grandparents) experienced…outdoors. If you'd like to show your kids how much fun outdoor learning can be or just get back to the basics of being a kid, here is something that you may want to check out.

Be Out There, sponsored by the National Wildlife Foundation, provides everything needed to help you and your kids get back to the basics of enjoying the outdoors and nature. There are oodles of pdf downloads (some related to the book/movie, Where The Wild Things Are), activity idea lists at Green Hour, and much more. Just start the ball rolling by clicking the links listed here and then get click-happy on these sites. You'll be glad you did.