Let The Good Times Roll Coupons

As kids gear up for summer outdoor activities and sports, you may be cringing inwardly. Along with summer fun comes summer scrapes and accidents. While your child is getting ready for summer fun, you may want to get the medicine cabinet and safety kits ready.

Here are 3 ways you can take the ouch out of the boo-boo and your wallet.

  • Save up to $6 in coupons when you purchase any two Neosporin, Purell, or Band-aid brand products.
  • Get a first aid kit by mail when you buy any three products Band-aid bandages, Neosporin, or Purell sanitizer.
  • Get cool activity sheets (5 pages with answers) to help reinforce the need for safety.

Grab these rebate forms and fun printables to let the good times roll…safely.