Looking For True Stories Of Domestically Challenged Moms

In preparation for an upcoming teleseminar, I’m putting together a free, viral report to promote it. I’m looking for moms willing to share their oddest or funniest example of just how domestically challenged they are (or were).

For example – I once spent two-hours in the middle of the night looking inside and outside for my cat. I just couldn’t find her! Turns out, she had created a secret nest and had herself hidden in the piles of clutter I had in my hallway.

So, have you had to go to the store to buy your husband underwear because there wasn’t any clean? Have you ignored the doorbell because you didn’t want anyone to come into your home because of the mess? Share your story!

I’m looking for one or two paragraphs for each “Domestically Challenged Mom”. Your picture can be included and link love will be provided. Anonymous entries can also be submitted – I’ll just use your first initial and state.

Everyone who submits a story that is used in the report will receive a copy of The Household Helper’s Guide To Home Organizing. Please submit your story using this form.

Entries are due no later than Tuesday September 29th by Noon.

Thank you!
Cara Mirabella