Make Quick Work of Blogging

Now that you are a member of BlogEnergizer, you're getting a regular flow of good stuff to blog about but I bet you're also thinking, how in the world will you ever find time to write about them? When my partner and good friend Alice Seba was getting ready to deliver her 3rd baby last year, I remember she was twittering about completing 20 posts. 2 and 1/2 hours later, she announced that she was done. My jaw just dropped.

I knew Alice is a good writer but 20 posts in 2+ hours? I admit, it often takes me at least 15-30 minutes on just one post. I work with Alice a lot. You can trust me when I say she's not lying because I actually get to see the back end of her blog. By the time I got in there, there were more than 20 posts it was just jam packed with scheduled entries so she could take a few weeks off to deliver the baby, rest and simply enjoy her family.

Enough talk. She's released a quick report how she did it and offers some practical, bite sized suggestions how you can do it too. As she says in the report, it is shareware. Grab it, read it, act on it and share your new found knowledge.

Click to download => [download#79]