Meal Planner Widget for Foodie, Family, Gardening or Health Sites

With summer coming on fast, here's a freebie I know you'll want to use and pass along. We've all heard about the antioxidant benefits of tomatoes and it's reputation of helping to prevention many forms of cancer and other illnesses. Red Gold Tomato Country has a sweet little widget that lets users create a weekly list of recipes, which can be saved in pdf format. You just have to see the widget to appreciate it.

Since you have to enter your email to get the code, I thought you might like to see what it looks like and get a sample of the menu I created. After checking these out, you can signup for your own meal planner here. Don't forget to enable cookies or the form won't “take” your email info.

Here's the sample: Sample RedGold Menu PDF (232 downloads)

Note: This widget's natural width is approx 500px wide so you'll probably want to add it on a page/post rather in the sidebar. 😉