Menu Planning Central Looking For Contributors

Menu Planning Central, a menu planning service for busy families, is looking for contributors for its membership based community. They feature 4 menu choices (with grocery shopping lists) each month:

  1. Family Friendly
  2. Frugal
  3. Healthy
  4. Vegetarian Menus

They also feature monthly e-books, exclusive “My Menu Maker” Software, and expert columnists. (This is where you come in.) They are currently looking for new columnists with established blogs/websites/products to join their team.

Columnists are asked to post unique content (articles – preferably with a photo, video etc.) in blog fashion 2 times per month (more is welcome if desired). If you run an established website on a topic that would interest their readers – a chef, a nutritionist, a specialist in a specific cuisine etc.

To get more details and find out about the perks of the partnership, please contact Christine –