Mozy Coupon Codes for June

Here are two Mozy coupon codes for June. Feel free to pass it on.

Coupon code 1: JUNE
Coupon code 2: JUNE15
Link: (please make sure you tell people to use this link or the coupon may not take)

Copy/paste sample post.

There's nothing worse than realizing you've lost your hard drive. 
I don't care if this is your home computer, work computer or home office computer. 
It sucks either way. All your memories, emails and hard work. 
Putting things back together is time consuming. We all have enough to do already. 
Which is why you should always backup your computer. Have you done it already? Why not?

In my experience, these things have a way of picking up on your attitude. The minute you think you're safe, Bang! Your computer fails. 
Good for you, I found these two coupons for Mozy - an online backup service - that you can use. 
Coupon is good for this month only when you order annual or biannual plans. 
Also, you must use this link to order or the coupon may not go through.