National Recreation & Parks Month

Whether your readers are business owners or have a j-o-b outside the home, National Recreation & Parks Month is well worth blogging about. Here are some ideas you may want to incorporate into your July posts.

  • Have you seen your local parks? – How to play the out of town tourist in your local area.
  • Make a bucket list of the local and national parks you'd like to visit. Share it with your readers.
  • Ways parks can inspire and expand your business
  • Business at the park. Talk about ways you can take care of business while enjoying the atmosphere or attractions.
  • Associate one or more of your products with day trips or parks. Discuss how your product can help.
  • Give tips for organizing a company's Family Day at the park.
  • Share activities that parents and kids can do together at a park
  • Share a checklist or two for packing for a day trip or weekend trip to a park