Not Your Normal Back To School Blogging Ideas

Depending on where you live, August is the month when you are constantly reminded that the kids are going back to school soon. BUT…you don't have to have children or grandchildren for back-to-school time to make an impact on you or your business! Here are a few prompts to help you include “back-to-school” on your blog.

Back to School Marketing

  • Share how parents can easily earn money with your product or service while the kids are in school.
  • Describe several ways your readers can network at schools.
  • Write about the negative emotions involved with going back to school. Describe how your product or service can turn those feelings around.

Back to School for the Unemployed or (Under-employed) Reader

  • Give tips on how to start an online business.
  • Share online or offline training courses.
  • Share ideas of how to ease adults fears of going back to school or attending training classes.
  • Write about problems (and solutions) associated with re-training.
  • Give tips on how to limit the stress of “changing horses in mid-stream” for those who need to change careers.
  • Share ways your readers can save money when going back to school.

Back to School for Boomer and Senior Readers

  • Suggest ways grandparents can help their grandchildren with back to school issues.
  • Share local or online courses that are especially for older adults.
  • Write about the problems older adults face when going back to school. Include solutions.